March 24, 2015

Spring Break

You know what's super annoying? When your computer won't let you upload photos or update or install anything new because your "disk utility is full" and you have to spend more money buying more things to acquire more room and more more more more more! So now that all of that's taken care of, here I am.
Funny story: last Monday we woke up to our alarm, got ready and drove to Rowan's school only to discover an empty parking lot. It was her spring break week! I didn't get the memo, but it was a pleasant surprise. Also, Derek turned 32 this past Saturday, we saw a lot of movies, ate at a lot of restaurants, played lots of rainy day board games and Rowan still loves to dress up (& so do I). Happy Tuesday!

March 05, 2015


Lately things have been very chill. It's been rainy on our side of the island and I've been trying not to spend money on the weekdays. So besides small errands or weekend adventures, we're pretty much homebodies. I live for the weekends! But really, who doesn't?
Highlights: Rowan was the Star Student of the week at school & I got to see Kings of Leon for free!

February 23, 2015


Finally, to catch you guys up on 2015 so far. We hit the beach as soon as we got home from Kentucky, hung out with friends, settled back at home, Derek and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and most recently, Valentine's Day weekend. Derek and I had our movie/date night on Friday so that we could spend all of Vday with Rowan. On our anniversary Derek took me on an early morning hike and we watched the sun come up and saw multiple pods of whales. Then he took me to brunch and we hung out with Rowan the rest of the day until our yearly tradition of dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. Now it's nearly March which is absolutely insane to me. D and I always talk about how it really feels like tomorrow we'll wake up and be 60 years old. I'll be 30 in May. These are my last couple of months of my 20s. What should I do?!? Do I need a mini bucket list? Just to leave my 20s with a bang? I don't know. Don't even get me started on the fact that Rowan is 4. People keep asking me if I'm ready for another kid and my response is always the same.. "I don't want another kid! I want Ro to be little again!" Sometimes she does something so grown up that my stomach drops and I feel like I might puke. I'll leave you with that.

(disclaimer: I'm well aware that I could wake up as early as tomorrow and suddenly have another case of baby fever.. so I never say never. But as of right now, we're still enjoying our three musketeer-dom)