April 07, 2017

Our Second Little Bird Has Hatched

Introducing our newest little bird to the blog, Lux Vivian Hoeft. Born March 9, 2017 at 12:35pm, 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. Labor/delivery was a lot quicker than with Rowan but the recovery has taken a bit longer. Overall, everyone is healthy and adjusting pretty well to life as a family of four. We’ve had a lot of changes happen these last 4 weeks but I’ll get more into that later. Expect plenty of “catch-up” posts since I, obviously, took a nice long break to recover and settle in before blogging again.

We’re so in love with this little lady. Lux means “light” (or a measurement of light) and Vivian “life” and it couldn’t fit her more. She’s the sweetest little thing and I can’t wait to tell you more about her in future posts. She’s already changed quite a bit since I took these photos at 2 days old (1 day old in the color photo).

Thanks for following along on this newborn journey with us once again! We appreciate everyone who’s reached out over the past month via my social medias/phone/text/etc and we love you guys!
-Derek, Jessica, Rowan and Lux

March 07, 2017

The Wait

Well, I can’t believe I’m typing this but, I’m still pregnant.
Before you get all flustered with that sentence because you’re aware I’m not even to my due date yet, let me explain a bit. What it all comes down to is, don’t compare your pregnancies. You really can’t base what’s going to happen on past experiences because every baby will just be different. But in my case I guess I can’t even trust my intuition anymore. As I said in my last Bumpdate post, everything that happened with Rowan had happened up until that post. I’m dilated, effaced, lost my mucus plug and my doctor swept my membranes within the exact same days of the pregnancy that she did with Rowan. Even my doctor said “well, see ya tonight!” as I left my appt, sure that I would be in labor within the next few hours. In our minds we had every reason to think baby girl would be here by now. We spent the entire weekend on the edge of our seats anticipating labor. Every contraction (well, braxton hicks contraction I guess) was timed and every pressure, pain or squeeze I had was obsessed over. When the baby didn’t come by Thursday night after my big doctor’s appt that day we thought for sure she’d still be here by Friday. I had painful (to the point where I was squeezing Derek’s arm to get through it) contractions that night, some 5 minutes apart for one or two hours, but they never stuck. They just faded away as I fell asleep and I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and realized “hey wait, where’s the baby?” Now that I’m a day shy of 39 weeks I’m starting to give up on my gut feeling that our baby bird will even be here before my due date this time around. 
But to be fair,  if I hadn’t lost my plug, been dilated/effaced and gotten the sweep, I don’t think I'd be so impatient about all of this. It was the build up and assumptions that led to my now borderline annoyed attitude. My family and close friends are already asking/texting “anything?” everytime I see them and all throughout each day. I don’t think my mom has slept more than a few hours a night thinking that I’m going to call her any second because it’s "go time" so she checks her phone constantly. Derek has arranged then rearranged then rearranged things at work again so that he could get home on time or have time off. He texts me all day long for updates though I usually have none. We’ve just never been here before. I’ve never been this pregnant and we’ve never been in the position where we were seriously waiting for a baby. Of course we were anxious to meet Rowan and I had a feeling then that she would come early-ish (you know, back when I could count on my intuition!) but this time we’re straight up anticipating her arrival every second of every day. Every time I stand up or walk up stairs or dance with Rowan I wonder if my water will break. It’s just ridiculous! I know we should all relax and enjoy the last days as a family of 3 and getting a reasonable amount of sleep but it’s just too late now. The excitement is firmly planted within us all. So just send me some good vibes that I at least don’t go past my due date because I think that will straight up drive me over the edge lol. I’m sure a lot of you mama’s already know that pain as most first timers go past their due date anyway... but I’m still hoping that won’t be the case with me. 

As for the pictures.. basically I walked the neighborhood and ate, walked the beach and ate, walked the mall and ate, cried a little out of frustration and then walked around some more for 3 days straight. We also went for pedicures and shopped around a bit. But mostly just waited.

March 02, 2017

Bumpdate / Week 38

How far along: 38 weeks, 1 day

Baby size: About 6.8 pounds and over 19 1/2 inches long.

Must-have items: Cocoa butter lotion and CPK's Strawberry Mango Cooler.

Symptoms: Cramping, RLS and acid reflux at night, skin feels tight but I can breathe a little better now that she’s dropped.

Baby movement: Lots.. and like I said above, she’s dropped down and is facing my tailbone so she's in perfect position to make her debut.

Gender: Girl

Favorite moment: This morning when I had my weekly check-up and found out I’m 4cm dilated and 60% effaced and my doc swept my membranes. This is almost the exact same scenario with Rowan.. even the appt falling on 38 weeks and 1 day and then I had her the next morning. Only difference with Rowan was that I was 70% effaced instead of 60. If things progress anything like they did last time, it may just be baby eve!

Least favorite moment: Feeling emotional about the pregnancy nearing the end and anxious about labor/delivery. Send me and the baby good vibes!

Signs of labor: Lost mucus plug, cramping, dilated, effaced, swept. Let’s do this.

February 22, 2017

Bumpdate / Week 37

How far along: 37 weeks aka full term! 

Baby size: 6 1/3 pounds and a bit over 19 inches.

Must-have items: Lotion, lotion, lotion.

Symptoms: I've been feeling a bit of my boat and head stuff but nothing too bad and it was mostly just one day of it. I’ve also been feeling some dull cramping off and on... dilating?

Comfort: Still can’t breathe and my skin feels annoyingly tight. Other than that I had some hip and leg pain last night but Derek gave me a massage and it feels a lot better. 

Baby movement: A ton every day except one, which I will get more into below. 

Gender: Girl

Favorite moment: Enjoying the 4-day weekend (Derek had Friday off because he worked 4 10’s that week).

Least favorite moment: On Sunday morning I realized that I had been awake for an hour and a half but still hadn’t felt any baby kicks or movements. I started to get really worried because that’s not normal for this baby. But after walking around the house a bunch I finally felt a tiny kick and eventually more movement. I paid close attention to her and she definitely had a chill day all day long but was consistently moving so we didn’t make a worried trip to the hospital. Since then she has been back to her usual party animal self in there but that morning's scare was definitely my least favorite moment. 

Signs of labor: Well I’ll just say it, on Monday I lost my mucus plug. When this happened with Rowan I just happened to have my weekly appt a couple of hours later and my doctor swiped my membranes since I was already 4cm dilated and 70% effaced and I had Ro the next morning. I know that a lot of women are dilated, effaced and even lose their plug weeks before their baby comes so I’m trying not to get too excited about it but we will find out more tomorrow. I have my weekly checkup and I’m very interested to see if I’m dilated, etc. If my doc swipes me again I could have a baby by the weekend. Or not. Only time will tell! 

Long Weekend

This past weekend all of my needy dreams came true because it was 4 days long! Derek did have to go into to do a little bit of work stuff on Friday morning but after that we hung out, ate lunch, picked Rowan up from school and then had a movie night at home with popcorn and Trolls. Saturday we went to breakfast, installed our infant carseat (!) and then Rowan had a mini putt putt playdate that turned into an all afternoon/evening playdate so we had a sitter. Derek and I took advantage of that time to enjoy a date at the movies. Right now I literally cannot breathe in regular theater seats so we’ve been going to the theater with the leather recliners and they get a big A+ from me. Even after I have the baby I’m pretty sure we will mostly be going to this theater now. We picked Rowan up around 7:30pm and she was so exhausted from running around with her friend all day we barely got her in and out of the shower and into pjs before she passed out for the night. Sunday we decided to try out a different breakfast place and enjoyed a variety of crepes, then we ran some errands, hung out at home and eventually had an early dinner in town. We all piled into our bed and watched another movie that night. Rowan fell asleep fast again and we didn’t move her so I didn’t get very good sleep. She’s getting too big and steals my covers but I know that the baby will be here soon so when she really wants to sleep with us, I let her. On Monday Derek went dirt biking and I took Rowan to itrampoline with some friends. The kids bounced and ran wild and Rowan got a glitter tattoo while the mamas relaxed and talked baby stuff pretty much the entire time. We hung out with Gma and Gpa for a bit afterwards and by the time we got home we were doing dinner/bedtime routines to prepare for work/school the next day. Basically it was the best. Even the simple days together and like Derek said at the time, it could be our last weekend just the three of us because I’m now 37 weeks. Baby bird could hatch at any moment, and she just might because changes are a’happenin’ already this week.. we shall see.  

February 15, 2017


How far along: 36 weeks

Baby size: Almost 6 pounds and more than 18 1/2 inches long.

Must-have items: Not an item but my must have right now is just attention from Derek and Rowan. I’ve been really needy and all I want is family time. I had Rowan at 38 weeks and I feel like I will have this baby around that time as well, so we may only have 2 weeks left (!!) before baby bird is here.

Symptoms: I started feeling like I have a bit of a cold, so that always brings my “boat symptoms” back. But they’ve been light so hopefully I can get it over with so that I don’t have a cold or any other symptoms when I go into labor. Fingers crossed!

Sleep: Sleep has been fine when I’m just waking up here and there from the baby kicks but Rowan has been sneaking into our room a lot in the middle of the night. She pretty much takes over most of our queen-sized bed so that’s always a rougher nights sleep. I understand though, she knows somethings about to change and I’m sure she’s just needy for some quality time with Mama and Papa too. 

Cravings: Just sweets but trying to stay away except for treats on the weekends. Valentine’s Day didn’t help much with that though..

Baby movement: All day, all night. 

Gender: A little lady.

Favorite moment: Our babymoon! Derek and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last Tuesday as well. ❤️

Least favorite moment: Just being over emotional in general. I was fine until the third trimester and then I slowly started becoming more sensitive. Hormones, man. But I think it’s a combo of hormones and also getting closer to my due date and starting to feel the pressure of that. On one hand, I’m really excited and ready for the baby to be here and on the other, I just cannot get enough time with D + R. I see them literally every day but I’m just trying to make everything extra special all the time. I mean being really emotional in a positive way is great, but one day I cried off and on for 12 hours just because Derek was an hour late to get home. So that’s where I’m at on the pregnant emotional scale lol.

Family Babymoon

Derek has been working 4 10hr shifts lately so he’s been getting Fridays off. We decided that this was the perfect time for our “family babymoon”. I’ve been feeling really sentimental as we come to the end of this pregnancy and thinking a lot about how long it’s been just the three of us. Over 6 years.. and even though I’m SO excited to become a family of four I really wanted to spend a special weekend making memories with Rowan and Derek before everything changes. So we booked the Hilton Hawaiian Village from Friday to Sunday, pulled Rowan out of school early on Friday and we were off!
Friday we checked in, grabbed some lunch and ice cream then headed to one of the pools all day. Afterward we hung out in the hotel for a bit before watching the fireworks show, picking up some pizza and renting a movie to settle in for the night. 
Saturday it was pouring rain, so we decided to venture away from the hotel for some indoor adventures. After breakfast and coffee we went to see The Lego Batman movie, then played glow in the dark putt putt golf. By the time we came back to the hotel the rain had stopped. Derek actually had to play a show with his band for a few hours that night so I took Rowan to a different pool for an evening/night swim. Then we rented another movie, ordered room service and passed out. 
Sunday was a gorgeous day so we headed straight down for iced coffees and pool time. We eventually switched pools because Rowan wanted to be at the one with the slides. We spent the rest of the day in the sun before checking out and stopping for an early dinner on the way home.
It was so nice to get away and focus on family time. Rowan loves staying in hotels so just the fact that we had a room thrilled her, let alone all of the other fun stuff that we did. I hope she remembers this weekend forever but if not, I’m glad I can document it here for her to look back on one day.