December 30, 2010


I'm officially sick, terrified Rowan will be too, and D works all weekend..
But on the bright side D is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money for a half day's work tomorrow so we can use the cash to have some fun next year- post sickness. For now, it's time for bed... gotta rest up to make it through the last day of 2010 tomorrow!

December 28, 2010

Nighty Night

It's late and I'm trying to put this little birdie to bed, but it's so hard when she flashes me that big smile..
Maybe we'll just stay up a liiiiittle bit longer..

December 27, 2010


My latest cell phone pictures:
Kick ace pants
Her newest expression
Baby chub thighs
Switched it up and got a white mocha
Margarita with lunch
Love the glass bottles
My love
Rockin out
Bein gorgeous
My favorite necklace
My post pregnancy view
Listening to Dolls Till Daylight
Sweet happy baby
My favorite nap partner

December 26, 2010

The Christmas Post

Hmmm I  betcha saw this one coming!
Ro had a great 1st Christmas.. she actually stayed awake for most of it.. happily awake I might add!
When we woke up the house, tree and stockings had been filled with treats by Santa! I played elf and handed out all the presents this year, most of which were for little birdie Rowan. Then we enjoyed a Christmas breakfast of eggs benedict and mimosas! So good! After cleaning up we all relaxed, played video games, played with our new toys, napped, and ate a Thanksgiving inspired dinner (since we spent our Thanksgiving in an untraditional way this year). It was the perfect day and I'm so glad that I had not only my family here, but our new little addition! Ro really does make everything so much better...
Hope you all had a great Christmas this year❤