April 29, 2010

The Countdown

So I had a doctor's appt yesterday and everything looks good and normal. I've been tracking baby's heartbeat with my Angelsounds doppler but it was nice having the doctor listen with a smile on her face and hear her say "everything seems great!"

The best news by far is that she agreed that we could come in at 18 weeks to find out the gender!!! Fingers crossed that the legs will be spread and everything will be crystal clear. I honestly don't know how the heck people can wait until baby's born.

So May 18th it is! 
19 days and counting.

April 28, 2010


I seriously need to stop watching A Baby Story on TLC. It seems like 98% of the birth stories go horribly wrong and it's scaring the crap outta me.. and yet I just keep watching it.. I guess hoping to see the 2% that go pretty smoothly.

April 27, 2010

15 weeks

Ok well technically just over 15 weeks. I'm so excited that I can finally take "belly pics" and I'll try my best not to include my thumbs up in all of them. I'm going to be taking them weekly(at least) but I'll most likely only post the pictures that actually show a difference in circumference. 

Dear Baby,
I love you so much already and so far my favorite past time with you is listening to your heartbeat every night. 
Love, Mom

April 26, 2010

Extra day off

Today D had an extra day off from work so we packed a lunch and headed to the beach. I think baby enjoyed his/her first swim in the ocean.
Then we enjoyed watermelon, pina colada, li hing mui, and cotton candy flavored shaved ice.
Great outdoor weekend.

April 25, 2010


Today we went to the lake to have lunch and feed the ducks.

We also ended up feeding lots of fish. 
yes, these pictures show the beginning of a baby bump!!!

Baby enjoyed the day as well... ❤

April 23, 2010

Just to document

Oh and another thing for today:

 What's with the EAR POPPING???!!! Apparently another "side-effect" of pregnancy. I swear I am the EPITOME of pregnant. Seriously every symptom.. I have it!!!!!!!

Not to mention two days ago I was sitting at our computer and suddenly grabbed the desk for my life because I felt like our apartment was moving. I'm going crazy.

A night to remember

Today D and I had a lovely lunch and then saw The Back-Up Plan starring JLo. Yep, I'm not ashamed to admit it. It involved cute-ness, humor and baby stuff so sign me up. I thought it was adorable and recommend it. Even for the girls that aren't pregnant.

Tonight I have a hot over night date with some of my girls... a SLEEPOVER! It seems like ever since I got pregs all I could think about were the days of being a kid myself and how much fun it used to be doing the stuff we used to do. So, in order to recreate some semblance of childhood before I pop my own kid out, my lady lovers have gladly obliged my cravings(?) and I couldn't be more excited. This night will probably by far be one of the more memorable ones of my pregnancy. A night to remember. Hmm this really is starting to sound like a hot date. 

In other news, our tattooed plushie dolls came in and they're even more awesome in person. 

p.s. I think my belly is officially starting to stick out a little!!! Pictures to come..

April 21, 2010

April 20, 2010


Ok the past month I've been having the craziest dreams. I've heard about pregnancy dreams before but I didn't expect them to be all that different because I'm already a very vivid dreamer and I remember my dreams every morning. 

Boy was I wrong. Every single morning I remember at least FIVE dreams I had the night before. They often wake me up throughout the night because they're so... weird. I want to type "scary" because some involve some scary stuff! But weird is way more accurate because when I wake up I don't feel scared and have to double-check the locks and cuddle up extra close to D. I just feel strange and contemplative and a little disturbed. I really hope this doesn't mean that our baby is destined to be a serial killer or something.

April 17, 2010

I want everything I can't have times ten

List of wants:

- booze
- hotdogs
- sushi
- salami/brie
- tattoo(s)

I've been thinking about tattoos for a while now and now that I'm knocked up I'm completely obsessed because I can't actually get one. I'm definitely getting one for baby after he/she's born (and after breast feeding.. pffft) but don't worry I'm not gonna get any baby feet or hands. Nooo, I'm going the much classier route.. I'm gonna get the baby's butt print. I'm thinking the shoulder blade for placement. Thoughts??

Ok I'm not getting any sort of baby print. Just a picture of Sweet Pea . But with our kid's face.

April 16, 2010


Um I just bought the f'ing coolest plushie dolls ever for baby. 

We also bought these at the Vans Outlet last weekend because they were on sale:


April 15, 2010

Onesie Twosie Threesie

Last night I bought the shit outta this:

Now I'm realizing more and more that I am the most insanely picky person when it comes to baby stuff. I'll say I "hate" a certain style of clothing like clothes that say stupid things on them, or things with the labels sewn on the front, or things with ugly flowers or animals. But then there are exceptions to all these things. Exceptions that only my eye can detect. So here's a serious tip for those of you readers that know me, will probably be at my baby shower, or were just planning on buying baby something: I'm going to have a baby registry so your best bet is to buy from there. I'm sorry in advance for being a crazy control freak, but I've embraced it and hey, it'll making shopping for you a whole lot easier! 

April 14, 2010

Hubs The Great

 It wouldn't be fair to document the pregnancy experience and not give credit where credits due. There are two distinct sides to this growing family and I'll let you in on a little secret...

Derek is the greatest man to ever exist.

SO, if you decide you want to get married and for it to be a good marriage: marry "a Derek." If you decide you want to get pregnant and it be a loving experience of help and understanding: marry "a Derek." I would also like you to keep in mind that I am in no way that pregnant bitch that takes advantage of him in the silliest of ways and I also never actually ask him to do what he does. He's just a sweetheart.
This was D on Easter while I was bedridden (he's vacuuming all the dust and spider webs off every corner of our apartment), what he put together for me in the refrigerator( trust me there was way more candy before) and what he gets me every Friday.

He did all the cooking and dishes for 2 weeks and most of that for another week. He's also had to put up with some pretty strange behavior on my part.. all it takes is one word/phrase to make me cry. What that word/phrase is? You'll never know until it's said. I once told him, without him even mentioning it, that even though his work schedule sucks right now(he's also gone all day most Saturdays for a class) I want him to know that I understand. All he said in return was "I know, thank you babe." Cue the tears! Cue the unnecessary explanations! Cue his confusion! Hell cue MY confusion! Thank you hormones. Thank you so very much for making me feel like a crazy person.

All in all I'm really not so bad, he really is so great and baby really is worth it.

Thanks D!

April 13, 2010

More like all day sickness

 So I'm sorry in advance to the people that have already heard this spout over and over but this is my pregnancy/baby blog so it must be mentioned. Now that it's starting to wear off I can write about it with slightly more joy in my fingers than if I had typed it two weeks ago. To start, I naively thought that I would never have any morning sickness because my mom never did and because I'm just plain stupid. I also assumed that morning sickness went like so: Wake up, make some coffee(decaf don't get your panties in a twist), take shower, eep! suddenly must throw up, feel better and go about getting ready, do your thang, eep! must throw up again, feel better, go about your day and so on.


 I had ALL DAY, 24/7, never-leaves-your-side, your shadow, all up in your grill, ruin your life sickness.
If I wasn't actually puking, I felt like I needed to. I felt hungover and motion sickness type nausea at all times and even after puking I had only about a 5 minute window of "relief" until the nausea came right back.

 Yes, yes, yes I did try EVERYTHING. Every special remedy, natural, homemade, motion sickness bracelets, crackers before even stepping out of bed, crackers all day for that matter, eating and drinking patterns, ginger ale, you name it I tried it so no I don't need yet another suggestion but thanks for trying to help. It was just hopeless. This baby made me it's bitch and there was nothing I could do but wait it out and deal.

 Now don't get me wrong I'm just barely into my second trimester now so I'm still getting sick but the fact that it's subsided at all is nothing but good news, happy trails, and all smiles for me.

Here's to my far away concept of never-sickness.

April 12, 2010

So Here We Are

Hey heeeeey! I'm Jessica and finally decided to start my own blog as a way of documenting our journey to parenthood. I figured it's a good way for my friends and family to get updates of my pregnancy and how we're all doing. For those of you I don't know, I'll give a little history. I've lived here in Hawaii almost 14 years now and the past couple of years have definitely been the most fun and eventful. I met my husband Derek about 4 years ago when I joined our band Dolls Till Daylight. I sing, he drums. We started dating in 2008 and were married (quickly I might add) February of 2009. After Christmas vacation '09 with my family we came home feeling extra family oriented and baby crazy(although I had baby fever for at least 9 months prior) and decided to try for a bambino... VOILA! Within the first week I was pregnant! I am now 13 weeks and am desperately trying to get through morning sickness and on to the good stuff! I've never wanted to see my belly grow so much in my life and suddenly hate my beloved old friends peppers and tuna. I'm the epitome of every pregnancy cliche you've ever heard. Some good, most bad, and all worth it.

our pregnancy