April 14, 2010

Hubs The Great

 It wouldn't be fair to document the pregnancy experience and not give credit where credits due. There are two distinct sides to this growing family and I'll let you in on a little secret...

Derek is the greatest man to ever exist.

SO, if you decide you want to get married and for it to be a good marriage: marry "a Derek." If you decide you want to get pregnant and it be a loving experience of help and understanding: marry "a Derek." I would also like you to keep in mind that I am in no way that pregnant bitch that takes advantage of him in the silliest of ways and I also never actually ask him to do what he does. He's just a sweetheart.
This was D on Easter while I was bedridden (he's vacuuming all the dust and spider webs off every corner of our apartment), what he put together for me in the refrigerator( trust me there was way more candy before) and what he gets me every Friday.

He did all the cooking and dishes for 2 weeks and most of that for another week. He's also had to put up with some pretty strange behavior on my part.. all it takes is one word/phrase to make me cry. What that word/phrase is? You'll never know until it's said. I once told him, without him even mentioning it, that even though his work schedule sucks right now(he's also gone all day most Saturdays for a class) I want him to know that I understand. All he said in return was "I know, thank you babe." Cue the tears! Cue the unnecessary explanations! Cue his confusion! Hell cue MY confusion! Thank you hormones. Thank you so very much for making me feel like a crazy person.

All in all I'm really not so bad, he really is so great and baby really is worth it.

Thanks D!

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  1. That's amazing. You're blessed girl!! I'm still looking for my "Derek" dammit!! LOL