April 13, 2010

More like all day sickness

 So I'm sorry in advance to the people that have already heard this spout over and over but this is my pregnancy/baby blog so it must be mentioned. Now that it's starting to wear off I can write about it with slightly more joy in my fingers than if I had typed it two weeks ago. To start, I naively thought that I would never have any morning sickness because my mom never did and because I'm just plain stupid. I also assumed that morning sickness went like so: Wake up, make some coffee(decaf don't get your panties in a twist), take shower, eep! suddenly must throw up, feel better and go about getting ready, do your thang, eep! must throw up again, feel better, go about your day and so on.


 I had ALL DAY, 24/7, never-leaves-your-side, your shadow, all up in your grill, ruin your life sickness.
If I wasn't actually puking, I felt like I needed to. I felt hungover and motion sickness type nausea at all times and even after puking I had only about a 5 minute window of "relief" until the nausea came right back.

 Yes, yes, yes I did try EVERYTHING. Every special remedy, natural, homemade, motion sickness bracelets, crackers before even stepping out of bed, crackers all day for that matter, eating and drinking patterns, ginger ale, you name it I tried it so no I don't need yet another suggestion but thanks for trying to help. It was just hopeless. This baby made me it's bitch and there was nothing I could do but wait it out and deal.

 Now don't get me wrong I'm just barely into my second trimester now so I'm still getting sick but the fact that it's subsided at all is nothing but good news, happy trails, and all smiles for me.

Here's to my far away concept of never-sickness.


  1. Hey Mama. I had this when with both my pregnancies. Look up Hyperemesis. That's the clinical diagnosis. They can give you medication if you let your doctor know it is interfering in your life. So morning sickness is fine- but I was to the point that I couldn't go 10 minutes or drink water without puking. I took Zofran & Reglan and even had to have a few bouts of Predinose. The earlier they catch the better- you'll feel 100% better! Then you won't end up in the hospital like me! Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog!! Let me know if you have any questions about the morning sickness. I'm a pro!

  2. I am right there with you. SOOO SUCKY! I can't do anything and everything I seem to try fails miserably.

  3. you've come a long way, baby! :o)