April 23, 2010

A night to remember

Today D and I had a lovely lunch and then saw The Back-Up Plan starring JLo. Yep, I'm not ashamed to admit it. It involved cute-ness, humor and baby stuff so sign me up. I thought it was adorable and recommend it. Even for the girls that aren't pregnant.

Tonight I have a hot over night date with some of my girls... a SLEEPOVER! It seems like ever since I got pregs all I could think about were the days of being a kid myself and how much fun it used to be doing the stuff we used to do. So, in order to recreate some semblance of childhood before I pop my own kid out, my lady lovers have gladly obliged my cravings(?) and I couldn't be more excited. This night will probably by far be one of the more memorable ones of my pregnancy. A night to remember. Hmm this really is starting to sound like a hot date. 

In other news, our tattooed plushie dolls came in and they're even more awesome in person. 

p.s. I think my belly is officially starting to stick out a little!!! Pictures to come..

1 comment:

  1. Tattoo plushies? Where did you get them? I was looking and could only find some that were $300 a pop.... too expensive for my taste...

    btw. LOVE your blog. It helps to know I am not insane when it comes to my pregnancy.