April 12, 2010

So Here We Are

Hey heeeeey! I'm Jessica and finally decided to start my own blog as a way of documenting our journey to parenthood. I figured it's a good way for my friends and family to get updates of my pregnancy and how we're all doing. For those of you I don't know, I'll give a little history. I've lived here in Hawaii almost 14 years now and the past couple of years have definitely been the most fun and eventful. I met my husband Derek about 4 years ago when I joined our band Dolls Till Daylight. I sing, he drums. We started dating in 2008 and were married (quickly I might add) February of 2009. After Christmas vacation '09 with my family we came home feeling extra family oriented and baby crazy(although I had baby fever for at least 9 months prior) and decided to try for a bambino... VOILA! Within the first week I was pregnant! I am now 13 weeks and am desperately trying to get through morning sickness and on to the good stuff! I've never wanted to see my belly grow so much in my life and suddenly hate my beloved old friends peppers and tuna. I'm the epitome of every pregnancy cliche you've ever heard. Some good, most bad, and all worth it.

our pregnancy 

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