May 31, 2010

Home Tour: Empty Edition

Here are the empty shots of the house that I hurried to get before we started unloading the Uhaul. 

When you walk in front door and look to the right this is what you see. We're going to have a long corner desk for office/craft station area. 

downstairs bath

Looking down laundry hallway to guest room. We'll be painting the guest room. I love yellow but this is too bright for the small space.

We pushed the washer and dryer together and fit a big hamper on that side wall. I love how we actually have a full sized washer/dryer now.. and storage above.

Small guest bedroom, but enough room for full bed and side tables. There's a closet on the wall you can't see too, of course.

Living room area. We're painting this wall and the wall that the sliding door to balcony is on(left) but leaving kitchen wall yellow.

Downstairs balcony. We bought an outdoor table and chairs set on sale at Home Depot yesterday. Just need to buy an umbrella still because this balcony isn't covered.

Another view of balcony. You can get an idea of what the outside of these places look like from the neighbors there.

An open kitchen with so much storage we can't even fill it all? Yes please! Dining table to go right in front of where I'm standing. Against right wall.

There's a dishwasher! You have no idea how excited I am about it.

Looking back down hallway towards stairs and front entry.

Up the stairs we go.

Looking back downstairs.

Looking towards the master. That's the bathroom entry to the left and nursery entry to right.

Nursery. It's a long rectangle type of room. That window looks over the master balcony.

Nursery closet/view from other side of room.

Master. We're painting this room too. We're not too fond of the green.

View of master from other side of room. That wall on left is a double sided closet that you can walk through. Love. (See?! Weird vanity/sink in the room! I think we're painting the wood white.)

Master balcony

Ok this is where it gets silly too. So this is looking into room with tub, but on right before the tub(behind that vanity side wall) there's a second upstairs toilet. It's like a wanna be jack and jill bathroom but it's not really between to rooms and it's an L-shape. That white door on the left closes two ways. Towards us(to close off bathtub to master, and to the left(to close off second toilet/sink).

Bad picture of second toilet between tub and master.

Tub room.

Here's the other toilet/sink room. That white door goes out into hallway.

Same bathroom. Different view.

And we're done! There are the "before" pictures that I promised and of course I'll have "after" pics up once we're done, but that probably won't be for a while. I'm going to try and take my time with this one. I love this house so much and how open and breezy it is. You hear birds singing all day long.. and not the annoying bird chirping either.. the pleasant kind... and the light breeze in the trees. We finally have ceiling fans too. There's a split AC for the living room/kitchen area but we haven't needed to use it yet. 

Welcome to our home!

May 30, 2010

20 Weeks

Today I'm 5 months along, halfway there, and baby girl is definitely growing stronger. I seriously think she was doing summersaults last night.

I unpacked all the baby clothes that we've already bought for her yesterday and laid them all out on the table. I love seeing all the tiny outfits and shoes all together. I can't wait to see them on her.

May 29, 2010

So Tired, So Busy

 I am so incredibly exhausted and sore from yesterday and today we've been running around doing more errands for the house/old apartment and unpacking box after box after box.. I'm definitely in a pissy mood and D and I have been mostly avoiding each other, unpacking separate floors so that we don't step on each other's toes(or rip each other's heads off). All in all we're both happy to have the biggest portion of all this behind us and excited about the new place.

Things we're not excited about:
- Painting
- Buying more stuff to fill more space(buh bye extra baby money)
- Trying to decide on colors for decorating in general
- Painting
- Trying to hide the strange vanity/sink that's actually located in our master. So strange.
- This slow internet connection we're getting here.
- Did I mention painting yet?

Ugh. Gotta run! So much still left to do!

May 28, 2010



I woke up at 4am ready to move but forced myself to sleep 2 more hours.. so here we are, up bright and early, and ready to get this shit started. I'm a little worried about D because none of his friends ended up being available to help so he's gonna do everything by himself.. then leave the big stuff for when his brother gets off of work later to help him. Otherwise it's just us. I'll mostly be cleaning the old apartment. I'll take pictures of the place empty for you guys to see.

Woot Woot!

May 26, 2010

Yes Please

We're getting a Bumbo Seat in either Lilac or Aqua. They're so convenient and cute.. 

Speaking of colors..

This nursery thing is still stressing me out. I like so many different color schemes I don't know if I'll ever choose one. Thanks for your votes on the poll though! If I haven't decided in the next month or so, I'll just go with whatever you guys voted for!

May 25, 2010


My crazy eye did not get better. It got worse. I went to the doctor today and they basically told me that I have to wait it out with a hot compress. I'm pretty sure this means that my Thursday plans have to be pushed to next week and that gives me the sads.

I'm lounging around with D and baby bird and getting some tasty take-out for dinner to lift my spirits.

May 24, 2010

More Vintage D & J

left: D                             right: J 

These pictures of us pretty much make me want to melt into a love puddle and pop this baby out right now so I can get ahold of the cheeks she's bound to have. I love how he looks super male with overalls and reminds me of Opie, and I look super female with my frills and bows and remind myself of.. well sorry no tv character reference there.

Here's D in overalls again and starting band practice extra early. I die.

Once again D in overalls and just looking cute in general.

Here I am in baby aloha attire.

Me again. I might be in the middle of a baby bathroom break in this one, if ya know what I mean.

This kind of stuff makes my day. I AM BABY CRAZY. Speaking of crazy..

I woke up yesterday with a crazy eye. Swollen and very Sloth-like. I put a hot compress on it all day and it got better, until this morning. Now I look like Sloth times 10 and I'm just hiding out in my house trying to find more random little things to pack. As long as it's gone away by Thursday I'm happy 'cause I have some serious baby related shit to do that morning.

Alright Sloth OUT 

May 23, 2010

Our Weekend

rockin' the 3D glasses

Friday evening/night was spent at the theater watching the new Shrek movie in 3D (it was adorable) and then D had to play a show in Kailua so we old folk had to stay up way past our bedtime.. and I had to sit in a bar without drinking. Fun. Saturday we were exhausted and D had a work class all day until he came home feeling sick.. needless to say we were asleep by 9pm and not much happened that night. Today we woke up early and went to the grocery store to pick up some things.. we're making kalua pork (YUM) in the crock pot and we've just been packing all morning..
Speaking of packing:

Also today I'm 19 weeks. Sorry for the fuzzy crap photos but it was the best I could do because my Canon batteries are charging. Our baby bird has been moving and kicking up a storm and Derek finally got to feel her kick, but only once so far. Other than that, life is grand.


May 22, 2010

Vintage Us

Left: Baby Derek(held by sister and brother) Right: Baby Jess(held up by mom)

Check out these vintage beauties..
Derek and I definitely resemble old balding men at these ages. And check out D's glorious red hair! It was so much bolder a red in the early days. I regularly ponder the hair color destiny of our baby girl because I also carry the redhead gene from my family. It could be any shade of brown, blonde or red! Only time will tell.

More baby pictures to come..
Happy Saturday!

May 21, 2010

Multi-birthday pool party

The calm before the storm.. finishing up the decorations. These two lovely ladies are sisters Suzy and Lauren. Two of the other birthday girls and they graciously let us have the party at their house.

As you can see there were water balloon fights, water balloon tosses, pinatas, pool fun and shenanigans, people drinking out of a duck pitcher, and boys jumping off the roof in to the pool(but that picture isn't up). My motherly instincts were kicken in for that last one but there was no stopping them.

This is just my lovely husband sitting a lot in different places and drinking. Lucky.

Mikey ruling the pony pinata, Lauren looking awesome, Dez lovin' the water in the heat, Boto and Matt being boys, the water booze crew, and Lauren getting thrown in the pool against her will.

The b-day gals.. there was a lot of belly touching going on that day. I love the bottom right picture of them pretending to be pregnant too. It was actually that night that we were going to find out the sex of baby so I purposely ate a lot of sugary sweets to get her butt movin! It definitely worked.

Good times.

May 20, 2010


greasy chinese food amongst the packing and boxes..

I've been meaning to post pictures of our multi-birthday pool party this past Sunday but I haven't had a chance to transfer them from my camera yet. Right now I'm sitting in Starbucks, once again, because they've been doing showings at our apartment since we're moving. I used to get really irritated because it feels like every freakin day I get kicked out of my apartment, but at this point I just feel bad for them because they've had so many people come through but no takers. I don't know that they'll rent it out again for a while. We didn't want to rent it again either! And they're lucky we stayed for a year and a half! 

Anyway this weekend/next week is gonna get crazy with finishing packing, moving, and working out carpet cleaning times with when we'll actually have everything moved out. I think it's lookin like we're moving next Friday now, then having our place cleaned Saturday and doing the walk-out Sunday. Plus I have a graduation party Saturday night and a baby's 1st birthday party the following Monday. Plus unpacking. Ugh. I'm probably just making it more complicated in my head but I guess it's the anticipation, as usual, that gets to me. I need to learn patience. Especially with a baby on the way!

 Other than that I've been EXTRA sentimental about being pregnant lately. Now that I feel good, my belly is obvious, we know she's a "she", and I've been feeling her move and kick so much I'm really bonding with her. People are always telling me to enjoy it because it goes by so quick and trust me I'm trying to savor every single feeling about this. It really is a crazy miracle and as strange as it can be sometimes I can already tell that I'll actually miss being pregnant once she's born. When I feel her move, I touch my stomach and shut my eyes and really try to be in the moment. It's funny, even when you're living completely in that moment you still don't quite feel that it's enough. My feelings are already so strong but I want to feel more and deeper. I take nothing for granted and

she just kicked again :o)

my point is I'm grateful and even though my feelings are at full capacity I force them to completely overflow because I hope that some part of our combined beings right now allows her to already feel the love that I have for her.

May 18, 2010

Still Processing

It's still sinking in that we're having a girl. I secretly(or maybe not so secretly?) wanted a girl from the beginning but I just bet all my money on a boy because I figured that's the way it goes. Yesterday I was very well behaved and bought absolutely nothing for her. Today is a different story. I went a little bit crazy. Not break the bank crazy, but not under $100 crazy either. D will forgive me. If I didn't buy it now I would later and really I know D is excited to be able to buy stuff now too. I'm starting to have a bit of anxiety over the nursery though. I thought once I knew the gender I'd be all over that shit and just know what colors or theme or whatever to go with but now there's too much pressure. I realize that I'm the only one putting pressure on myself but the choices are overwhelming. Hopefully once we're all moved in to the new place something magical will click inside me and the decorating can begin. 
I've been feeling baby girl moving all over the place and I actually felt her kick one more time last night. D tried to catch it but missed out. Poor guy.. he's really getting the boring end of the pregnancy stick. Or maybe I should call it the lucky end? At least he doesn't have to pop a baby out in 5-ish months. That's a whole other anxiety for me all together.

Other than that, today is a beautiful day and our new countdown is:

May 17, 2010


Not only did I feel baby moving just now but I looked down at my stomach and thought it looked a little lopsided so I put my hand on it and I FELT HER KICK TWICE!!!(at exactly 1:45pm haha) So exciting! I'm just bummed that D wasn't here for it but he'll feel it soon enough!

So happy.

10 Things About Me

1: I cried (but in a good way!) when they told me baby was a GIRL. 

2: I've already started introducing her to our favorite music.. she should recognize it after she's born.

3: I hate condensation. 

4: D and I only dated 2 months before getting engaged.. married at 6 months. We knew each other for 3 years before dating though because we're in a band together.

5: One time D forgot to turn the stove off after cooking and I found it on about an hour later. Ever since I routinely check to make sure it's off every night. Right after I wash my face and brush my teeth. 

6: My eye always gravitates towards black and white (for clothes and decorating) but I'm always trying to fight it because I love color so much too!

7: I walked down the aisle to Death Cab for Cutie's "Transatlanticism" and it was We walked back down together as husband and wife to The Slackers "Sing Your Song." The lyrics weren't very fitting but we use to listen to it all the time driving around in the '64 Impala and the beginning was perfect when we kissed with the symbols.

8: We desperately want to take a trip to foggy London town.

9: I'm scared of the number 9. Long story. A psychic told me to relax though because it's apparently my lucky number.

10: I'm obsessed with potato chips and red bull... but I can't have red bull anymore so blah.

Here are some more pictures to enjoy!

She's smiling

I love her little toes

May 16, 2010

It's A....

Well folks, I (and everyone else according to the poll) was wrong! It's a girl! I seriously am in shock but so so so excited. Derek said he's taking the debit card away from me 'cause he knows I'm gonna go crazy shopping for her tomorrow haha! He's right! But he's really excited too. We can finally start getting things ready for her.. and we can finally refer to her as "her!" Love is overflowing out of us.

Here she is moving all over the place!

Dear baby girl, 

You've already shocked and surprised me in the best of ways and I can't wait to see that cute face of yours in person.

Love, Mom

May 15, 2010

18 weeks

Here are the pictures from the unexpected ultrasound yesterday. 18 weeks. The first one is obviously the best. I've already fallen in love with that cute little face and you can hardly see it!

My mom bought me a flip video camcorder for my birthday!! I LOVE the animal print and I can't wait to use it when the baby's here.

Just indulging in a little craving the other day... Derek chased me for another picture and a taste.. I finally gave in and shared.

Oh and here's today.. 18weeks