May 11, 2010

17 weeks

Sunday marked my 17th week of pregnancy and you know what that means..

Ok well maybe you don't know. It means that this coming Sunday will be 18 weeks.. and that means that we'll be able to go in to find out the baby's gender on Tuesday!! That's right only one more week! We're so excited but can't help but worry that either baby won't open his/her legs or they'll tell us one thing and then a couple of months later they'll tell us they were wrong!! MY WORST FEAR! I hope to walk out of the doctor's office feeling 100% confident in starting to buy baby things. How much would that suck if I got a bunch of pink stuff only to find out it all should've been blue?

On another note, we've officially given the deposit to our new landlord and we should actually be able to start moving in on the 26th. We've been packing the last couple of days just to get a head start and my head is already spinning! The last 6 or so times I've moved (yes 6, and that's only in the last 5-ish years) I've only had to worry about packing my one room. Not a lot of hassle. Now I'm packing an entire apartment plus someone else's stuff and it's just crazy town here. But I just keep reminding myself that this time a couple weeks from now, I'll be sipping ice tea pool side reading a Cosmo. Bliss.

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