May 13, 2010

Daily Dose

17 weeks and 4 days

I feel like my belly is getting bigger every day now. It's probably not the case, more like weekly than daily, but I'm feeling different on a daily basis now. I've officially started having round ligament pains and it feels like someone stabbed me for a second then goes away. Nothing I can't handle but it's scary because it happens out of nowhere and it just shocks me. I'm still waiting to feel my baby bird move but nothing yet. Six more days until the ultrasound appt and it's making me crazy!!! I literally daydream the entire day about when we find out and how it will feel to officially know and what baby will be. We've also been gradually packing more and more things and the apartment feels so cluttered that I just want to sit in the bathroom all day because it's the least messy room. I can't handle a big unorganized mess like this. Derek and I have been obsessing over moving and even though they're letting us move in early on the 25th WE WANT IN NOW! Big milestones are now happening all at once and it's so exciting and overwhelming that we might just literally boil over.

Mmmm that reminds me of boiled eggs.. deviled eggs.. I'm hungry..

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  1. can't wait to hear! i am so excited for you guys :D admittedly a little jealous, but super excited. + i love this lovely blog. :D