May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom, 

You really are the best ever! Through moving and growing and changing you are always my rock and I hope you know how special you are. SO DANCE LIKE THOSE WEBER GRILL COMMERCIAL PEOPLE 'cause it's your day to let loose and have fun! I wish I was there to bust a move with you but if you're lucky, I might just record a video of your patented move "the cheese-wiz" and send it your way to play on repeat. 
Derek, Baby and I love you and I hope to be even half the mother you are.

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  1. Well when I stop crying I might be able to write something.
    Being my first born what a joy you where and are. Going to be a mother yourself it will all come to you. Even when you were small you mothered kt and Johnny watching them when they were playing outside,holding their hand when they crossed the street or we where walking around the mall. Feeding them when they were babies etc... I know with out a doubt you will be a great Mother, I'm sure way better than I was. Hopefully I taught you something that will help. Just remember patients, love,understanding and a lot of crayons and always remember "Dance like no ones watching" Have fun and love them everyday, they will grow up fast and be gone before you know it.
    I couldn't think of better parents of my first eek "grandchild" than Derek and you.
    Thanks for being my daughter:) Love and miss you both. Mom aka Sil
    ( sorry if all the spelling is messed up I couldn't read it because of the tears)