May 31, 2010

Home Tour: Empty Edition

Here are the empty shots of the house that I hurried to get before we started unloading the Uhaul. 

When you walk in front door and look to the right this is what you see. We're going to have a long corner desk for office/craft station area. 

downstairs bath

Looking down laundry hallway to guest room. We'll be painting the guest room. I love yellow but this is too bright for the small space.

We pushed the washer and dryer together and fit a big hamper on that side wall. I love how we actually have a full sized washer/dryer now.. and storage above.

Small guest bedroom, but enough room for full bed and side tables. There's a closet on the wall you can't see too, of course.

Living room area. We're painting this wall and the wall that the sliding door to balcony is on(left) but leaving kitchen wall yellow.

Downstairs balcony. We bought an outdoor table and chairs set on sale at Home Depot yesterday. Just need to buy an umbrella still because this balcony isn't covered.

Another view of balcony. You can get an idea of what the outside of these places look like from the neighbors there.

An open kitchen with so much storage we can't even fill it all? Yes please! Dining table to go right in front of where I'm standing. Against right wall.

There's a dishwasher! You have no idea how excited I am about it.

Looking back down hallway towards stairs and front entry.

Up the stairs we go.

Looking back downstairs.

Looking towards the master. That's the bathroom entry to the left and nursery entry to right.

Nursery. It's a long rectangle type of room. That window looks over the master balcony.

Nursery closet/view from other side of room.

Master. We're painting this room too. We're not too fond of the green.

View of master from other side of room. That wall on left is a double sided closet that you can walk through. Love. (See?! Weird vanity/sink in the room! I think we're painting the wood white.)

Master balcony

Ok this is where it gets silly too. So this is looking into room with tub, but on right before the tub(behind that vanity side wall) there's a second upstairs toilet. It's like a wanna be jack and jill bathroom but it's not really between to rooms and it's an L-shape. That white door on the left closes two ways. Towards us(to close off bathtub to master, and to the left(to close off second toilet/sink).

Bad picture of second toilet between tub and master.

Tub room.

Here's the other toilet/sink room. That white door goes out into hallway.

Same bathroom. Different view.

And we're done! There are the "before" pictures that I promised and of course I'll have "after" pics up once we're done, but that probably won't be for a while. I'm going to try and take my time with this one. I love this house so much and how open and breezy it is. You hear birds singing all day long.. and not the annoying bird chirping either.. the pleasant kind... and the light breeze in the trees. We finally have ceiling fans too. There's a split AC for the living room/kitchen area but we haven't needed to use it yet. 

Welcome to our home!


  1. The new place looks awesome! Congradulations!

  2. love it boo!:) (this is ko from sb)

  3. dude, i'm so jealous of your new place. it looks HUGE.

  4. I love your new house! Congratulations! Have fun making it your home. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love to see how other houses look like (and what people make of it)!
    It´s a great place!!