May 21, 2010

Multi-birthday pool party

The calm before the storm.. finishing up the decorations. These two lovely ladies are sisters Suzy and Lauren. Two of the other birthday girls and they graciously let us have the party at their house.

As you can see there were water balloon fights, water balloon tosses, pinatas, pool fun and shenanigans, people drinking out of a duck pitcher, and boys jumping off the roof in to the pool(but that picture isn't up). My motherly instincts were kicken in for that last one but there was no stopping them.

This is just my lovely husband sitting a lot in different places and drinking. Lucky.

Mikey ruling the pony pinata, Lauren looking awesome, Dez lovin' the water in the heat, Boto and Matt being boys, the water booze crew, and Lauren getting thrown in the pool against her will.

The b-day gals.. there was a lot of belly touching going on that day. I love the bottom right picture of them pretending to be pregnant too. It was actually that night that we were going to find out the sex of baby so I purposely ate a lot of sugary sweets to get her butt movin! It definitely worked.

Good times.

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