May 24, 2010

More Vintage D & J

left: D                             right: J 

These pictures of us pretty much make me want to melt into a love puddle and pop this baby out right now so I can get ahold of the cheeks she's bound to have. I love how he looks super male with overalls and reminds me of Opie, and I look super female with my frills and bows and remind myself of.. well sorry no tv character reference there.

Here's D in overalls again and starting band practice extra early. I die.

Once again D in overalls and just looking cute in general.

Here I am in baby aloha attire.

Me again. I might be in the middle of a baby bathroom break in this one, if ya know what I mean.

This kind of stuff makes my day. I AM BABY CRAZY. Speaking of crazy..

I woke up yesterday with a crazy eye. Swollen and very Sloth-like. I put a hot compress on it all day and it got better, until this morning. Now I look like Sloth times 10 and I'm just hiding out in my house trying to find more random little things to pack. As long as it's gone away by Thursday I'm happy 'cause I have some serious baby related shit to do that morning.

Alright Sloth OUT 

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