May 18, 2010

Still Processing

It's still sinking in that we're having a girl. I secretly(or maybe not so secretly?) wanted a girl from the beginning but I just bet all my money on a boy because I figured that's the way it goes. Yesterday I was very well behaved and bought absolutely nothing for her. Today is a different story. I went a little bit crazy. Not break the bank crazy, but not under $100 crazy either. D will forgive me. If I didn't buy it now I would later and really I know D is excited to be able to buy stuff now too. I'm starting to have a bit of anxiety over the nursery though. I thought once I knew the gender I'd be all over that shit and just know what colors or theme or whatever to go with but now there's too much pressure. I realize that I'm the only one putting pressure on myself but the choices are overwhelming. Hopefully once we're all moved in to the new place something magical will click inside me and the decorating can begin. 
I've been feeling baby girl moving all over the place and I actually felt her kick one more time last night. D tried to catch it but missed out. Poor guy.. he's really getting the boring end of the pregnancy stick. Or maybe I should call it the lucky end? At least he doesn't have to pop a baby out in 5-ish months. That's a whole other anxiety for me all together.

Other than that, today is a beautiful day and our new countdown is:


  1. don't be anxious about child birth. you'll hear tons of horror stories, but there are some really good ones too. like mine. it was super easy and fast. plus i had an epidural and felt zero pain. literally. i was talking and laughing through the pushing.

  2. wow! i really hope my experience is like yours!