May 04, 2010

We Move Along

So it's crunch time here at the Hoeft Household. Our lease is up May 31st and we're so excited to move in to a 3 bedroom house and actually have an outdoor space for once. Problem is, we had to wait it out until now to really start the hunt for a home to rent because craigslist and other rental sites didn't post "available for June 1st" homes until now. I've been obsessively checking every day, throughout the day, for places and so far there's really nothing worth the money. I love living in Hawaii but it really does come at a hefty price, so it's depressing to think what we'll end up in with only a month's worth of options. I have my fingers crossed that the right one will pop up but until then I'm a giant ball of stress. Not to mention our current apartment has officially been listed so we have to constantly keep the place clean for the showings. In between the house hunting and cleaning I've been spending a lot of my time google image searching "nurseries" to get ideas for the baby's room. We still don't know if it's a mister or miss but I've got my eyes on these beauties for inspiration.

I actually love this color scheme and I'm a sucker for that chair and chandeliers in general.

Love grey and purple together! And the artwork with the bird is tres cute.

From day one of knowing I was pregnant I knew I wanted to put paper pom-poms over the crib.. but then my mom reminded me that I shouldn't because it could suffocate baby if it falls. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure those things aren't ever going to budge! (don't worry if it's sketchy I obviously won't do it at all)

I'm also a total sucker for black and white.. I believe the black wall is actually chalkboard paint.. love it! 

We're probably going to have to settle with all white walls since we're renting so I just love this room and the pops of color! The chair.. to die for!

Like the brown and blue combo in this. Also love the rug.

Cute colors. Light and simple.

Like the colors, rug, and that mod looking thing on the wall. I'm not sure if it's wall art or just a mobile. The crib is cute but we already have another one in mind.

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