June 06, 2010

21 Weeks

Yesterday was busy busy busy. In the a.m. D was at a class for work so I decided to get in a little quality time with myself. What did I choose to do with my time? GARAGE SALES! It was fun, but the only things I bought were some lace and zippers and crafty stuff for the onesies I'm making baby bird. No cool furniture, but that's Hawaii for ya. Afterwards I stopped by my aunt's house and had a fun visit, catching up and enjoying some girl talk. Next I met up with my friend and went to lunch and a movie. Prince of Persia to be exact. We thought it kicked ass so I'd say that's a nice way to spend you're afternoon. I basically got home when D did so we headed right off to Home Depot where we spent 2 hours deciding on paint colors for the baby's room, picking out an umbrella for our outdoor table, and getting wood and supplies for the desk/craft table that we're building today. You never enjoy a trip to Home Depot as much as when you have your own nice place to decorate/furnish/improve. We are renting but our landlord is the coolness and pretty much lets us do whatever we want as long as we run it by him first.

Also, today I'm 21 weeks!! My lovely friend and photographer Bonnie Rose and I had a "half-way through pregnancy" photo sesh the other day and here's a little sneak peek.

Baby girl has been getting stronger and I feel her kicks and rolls more frequently now. I've noticed that my belly button is much more shallow than usual.. EEPS!.. not an outie yet but I can tell it probably will be. Other than that I'm feelin' good and enjoying how comfortable I am for the time being. The only thing I would change is how tired I get and how early! I keep planning on going to shows on the weekends and by the time the clock strikes 8 I'm down for the count. I guess it's better to listen to my body than try to push through the night.. at a bar... with loud drunk people... rubbing it in my face that I'm not one of them...

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