June 13, 2010

22 Weeks

this belly is gettin' crazy

This week baby girl should be about 8 inches long from head to rump and weigh slightly over a pound.
I had a doctors appt this past Friday and after measuring my belly, the doc said I was right on track. It's always good to know she's growing and healthy. But, I can't believe we're at the point where they're talking to me about glucose tests and if I know which pediatrician we're going to or if we're taking any birthing classes. More proof of how much closer we're getting... it's exciting but also surreal. It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about having to wait months before we can find out the gender! 
Now I'm just sending Time text messages asking for it to slow down a bit...
still haven't gotten a reply..

Dear Baby Bird, 

The other day you kicked me five times fast and in a row.. as if you were throwing a hissy fit over something.. or maybe you were just practicing your dance moves? Either way it caught me off guard and made me giggle. You also like to do one move in particular that I just refer to as a summersault. It's almost always on my right side, and when I feel how hard the surface of my belly is in that spot I try to massage you into another position because it's so tight I wonder if you're trying to bust out early. I know you're probably like your mother, and have little to no patience.. but trust me, your debut in to this world is one that we both need some more time to prepare for. In the meantime, just kick it (no pun intended) in my uterus until nature takes it course.

Love you,
Mama Bird

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