June 20, 2010

23 Weeks


You have to slow down! I can't believe that today I have carried you in my body for 23 weeks! I feel like I can't wait to meet you but at the same time, will terribly miss these moments with you so close to me. I hope you are happy in there... seems like you are considering all the dancin' you do. My favorite moments are in the morning when I feel you lightly kick right when I wake up. As if we're on the same schedule and you just woke up too.. stretching those tiny little legs of yours and preparing for another day in utero. Today you swung with your daddy and me in our hammock again. I think the swaying was soothing for you because you were movin' all over the place before we got in. Those kicks turned into rolls which turned in to barely a budge. I think I know where one of your favorite spots in the house will be already. ;o)

We love you so much, 
Mom & Dad

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  1. oh my gosh, i know everyone has probably told you this. but literally, in no time you'll be holding her and you're going to think, "What the hell?!" because the time will have slowly rushed by. if that makes sense. i can't believe my son is 8 and half months already. you'll see...

  2. Ahh your baby bird is getting SO big! I wish I could be there to actually see it in person! I want you to know how much I look forward to reading your blog like everyday! It makes me so happy seeing all your pictures and reading your stories! I'm glad everything seems to be going smoothly and I love your new place and all your cute baby stuff. I can't wait till one day I have a little one of my own in the womb so I can have my own cute little blog! And many moons from now when that happens... (hahaha) I will definitely be asking for tips, cuz yours is great!

    I love you and I miss you!


    PS: Tell D I say hello! And give baby girl a little extra love from me today