June 17, 2010

Embroidery and Mysterious Things

This is what I did yesterday... for my 2nd RVA Summer Camp project.

I think the water and o.j./R&R really helped because I feel so much better today. Now I'm not even sure if I was starting a cold, or if it was a 24 hour thing. Either way, feeling better is fine by me. 

Today, me and baby girl are heading to my psychic for a little insight. HAHAHA you say? NO. I don't care if you're the biggest skeptic or just flat out don't believe in this crap... the lady is legit. 
Too legit to quit. 
I like to call her "my" psychic because I would only ever go to her and she's the coolness so I like to pretend she only reads for me.(Even though she's uber popular, all the celebrities go to her when they vacation in Hawaii for career advice and shiz, and I had to book this appt 2 months in advance which is actually earlier than usual.)
I've only been to her once before but it was the most mind exploding, wtf how'd you know that, amazing hour of my life. She doesn't just say "you like some boy... he may like you... his name starts with a B... no? Ok how about K? I'm seeing a "K" now? No? Ok well you're a good person...your life will be good.."
She straight up says "who's DEREK?" Or "you have a cute little white dog named Kingston."(I did at the time) Obviously she said much more than that.. she knew details of my life that even I had forgotten about. Or things I never told anyone. She starts off telling you about yourself(I know, silly but it's to prove to you that she's the bomb dot com). Before I got from the door to the chair she said I had 6 tattoos(I do, and only 2 were showing). Then she continues into the path you're currently on and what she sees for your future. It's amazeballs I can't rave enough, obviously. She just spits out truth raps like a clairvoyant Snoop Dogg and I am her devoted groupie.

Anyway, I'm so excited! I just wonder about some music stuff and maybe she'll even talk about our baby bird! Actually I know she will because baby's such a huge part of my life. Plus, any other tips or advice is more than appreciated. I don't live by what she says to the extreme or "count on" her advice for anything... it's more about having a magical experience with someone who inarguably has a gift and then maybe get a little guidance as well.

So, if you believe me, yes you should be jealous. If you don't believe me, you should still be jealous because you're wrong.
I'll let ya know how it goes.


  1. "It's amazeballs I can't rave enough, obviously. She just spits out truth raps like a clairvoyant Snoop Dogg and I am her devoted groupie."

    you crack this nizzle up! :D

  2. haha that was my favorite line too :o)

  3. Crazy! I never used to believe in this sort of stuff until my aunts took me to a signature reader. Just from looking at my signed name on a piece of paper she could tell me so many things about my past/current/future life. I was so jealous of her, what an awesome power to posses...

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Glad you had a good "reading"
    She didn't happen to sayy anything about me winning the KY Lotto did she:).
    Did you all get the crib up? Did you even like it?

    Can't wait to see your post today, really look forward to them everyday.