June 01, 2010

Food & Drink & Belly

My guilty pleasure. It's decaf but all that sugar definitely gets me through the day.

Like I said.. I want to marry avocado and run off into the sunset with it.

Since avocado isn't really a proper love partner.. here's the one I actually chose. He's rubbing it in that I can't have sushi and he can. 

20 week bare belly. Eeps!


  1. dude, when i was pregnant i was so bad. i drank so much caffeine! my dad used to swear he'd beat me if i didn't stop. oh well. wyatt's fine i guess.

  2. great photos. kind of miss the baby belly sometimes. enjoy it. :) lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from

  3. haha yea, since I'm well in to my 2nd trimester now I've let myself indulge in a little pepsi now and then but I don't do any other caffeine other than that.

  4. You look great! My best friend is 22 weeks--I can't help but think of her whenever I see someone say they're 20-ish weeks!

  5. hey jessica
    this is alissa..i saw your blog link in the red velvet summer camp comments and clicked over without even realizing it was you. anyway, congrats on the baby! i had a little girl almost 9 months ago..its so fun.

  6. super cute blog! im a new follower! i love finding them at this stage and then i get all excited to see baby when she comes!!!
    ps. i heart avocados and starbucks too! mmmm!

  7. Cole: Thanks! I'm trying to savor every moment ;o)

    Paige: Double thanks!

    Alissa: Hey! Yea I'm super excited for our baby bird! That's so funny/weird that you're doing RV summer camp too..

    Jill: Thank you! I'm the same way... love to follow the prego gals ;o)