June 15, 2010

Happenings & Baby Things

Yesterday I was busy starting on my first project for Summer Camp.
I love our little craft corner, and the desk D built. It still needs a lot of work. I have a bunch of ideas for decorating/organizing the space but it already serves it's purpose well. :o)

Once the husbandito got home we went to buy fabric for our couch that we're reupholstering ourselves.. eeps! We're feeling ambitious with this one so hopefully it doesn't come back to bite us in the ass. 8 yards of the fabric we got did not come cheap! 

Afterwards we had dinner at El Mariachi and I'm tellin' ya, baby girl LOVES mexican food! She was kicking for more and it tasted EXTRA delicious even though I already love their food. This restaurant is tiny but authentic and it's actually the best mexican food I've ever had. Even better than the food I had in Mexico! GASP! We ordered one more plate to go at the end of our meal because we had such an early dinner and knew we'd be craving more in a few hours. 

Once home, we settled in to our own routines.. D learning new songs for practice.. me crafting away and internet-ing. I have some cute ideas for baby's plain onesies but I don't have my sewing machine yet so those will have to wait. We bought some baby stuff at Target the other day and I can't help but stop and peek inside every time I pass the nursery now. It's slowly coming together. My mom is awesome, as usual, and bought us the crib that we wanted and it should arrive this week! I can't wait to set it up but I'm having a really hard time finding crib bedding. No one makes the colors we want(unless it's in a hideous pattern/print) so I might have to have them made or attempt to make them myself. Not looking forward to either of those options. Expensive and intimidating. We ended up buying the lilac Bumbo Seat and it made me feel a bit better about the nursery wall color because sitting next to it, there's not much of a difference. There's some weird optical illusion goin' on in that room...

So as you can see we have all of our focus on:
-Decorating the house
-Preparing for baby

The end. 


  1. oh man i miss that time! Being prego for the first time and gearing up for the babe was so exciting. soak it up! it only happens once.

  2. I know... I'm already sad about it being "over" and I'm only halfway through.. :o(

  3. I LOVE this picture. Your little girl is going to be blown away by how pretty her mommy was when she was pregnant!!