June 10, 2010

Inside Baby Bird's Closet

This is definitely not all the clothing/shoes that we have for her, but they're some of my favorites. Sorry about the poor photo quality but once again my Canon is charging and I wanted to snap some quick photos and post this before I leave for my adventures for the day.

I posted about these cute knitted booties before.. when I was looking for boy stuff. I love them so much and they're even cuter in person. Plus babies can never keep their shoes on but since these are booties they should stay on pretty snug.

Horrible photo, but this is an adorable pair of shorts with pockets! I love pockets.. even though babies don't use them. They're really soft and I thought I bought them in black but they're actually this deep purple color. Still match with a lot though.

Ok I die over this baby bikini! It's vintage and I actually bought it before I was even pregnant. haha

This photo doesn't show how cute this little dress jumper is but I LOVE it! I would wear it if I had it in my size. I also bought it before I was pregnant.. in a thrift store in KY for 50 cents. Score!

This outfit will look so cute with little boots! My mom sent it to us. Thanks mama!

We just bought this shirt on sale from Target and these are white baby "skinny jeans" from Baby Gap! haha I love that the legs still have room for the cute baby chub!

Um this is animal print. Need I say more? LOVE!

Little cherry top and white/red polka dot sandals from Gymboree

Simple onesies with cute birdies and tapes..

One of my favorite onesies. It's super soft and the sailor print gives me warm fuzzy feelings. ;o)


  1. um, it's seriously so unfair how cool baby girl clothes are. also, you were meant to have a girl.

  2. haha well I definitely wanted a girl! It IS way harder to find cool boy clothing but it's out there.. you just have to look a little harder.. which in a way is even more fun because it's a mission and then the clothes are extra cute and special when you find them ;o)

  3. Hi, I'm Sara and I'm in RVA Summer Camp with you! You are seriously the CUTEST pregnant woman ever, and those baby clothes are adorable! I think my favorite it the little red jumper (even better that is was only .50!)

    Anyhow, cute blog and see you at camp! =]

  4. Thanks Sara! I LOVE that red jumper too.. such a score! Look forward to summer camp with you ;o)

  5. so adorable! everything! ugh..i NEED a girl.

  6. Girl clothes kick boy clothes' ass! I'm so jealous! It's super hard to find boy clothes that don't have footballs, or tool sets, or little bears hitting a ball saying, "I'm mommy's lil' slugger." Barf.