June 16, 2010

I've Got The Sads

Actually I've got a cold(same thing).
I can feel it in my head and my body is all achey. 
I think baby can feel it because she's been pretty chill today too.
This ridiculous picture I found of me & D made me feel a little better...

So I'll be in bed today... with lots of water and o.j. ... embroidering a little somethin' somethin'...


  1. aw cool. i wish i could embroider. not cool that you're sick though. make sure you keep an eye on it. i got really sick when i was preggo and they ended up getting a double ear infection (rare for adults, did you know that?).

  2. i know i'm trying to avoid it getting worse since i caught it early... no runny nose or coughing/sneezing yet so hopefully the gallons and gallons of water i drank today will kick its ass.. the last thing i want is to deal with colds and infections while i'm prego.. especially when your options for fighting them off are way more limited..