June 11, 2010

Nursery: Stage 1

double click to see the pic

As you can see, I've removed the "what color should our nursery be?" poll because..well... obvious reasons duh. We decided on our color scheme(thanks for all your input!) and got our paint on last night! My very helpful and patient friend Eva-Lani came over to help and we pretty much rocked that shit. It took us probably half the time it would have without her so a big THANK YOU to E-L! 

Picture from left to right:
- The room was an off white/almost tan color before we started.. and when D removed all of the light switch plates to prepare, we discovered that this room had a past life of being lavender! It was meant to be!

- D painting all of the trim (my least favorite part of painting) and just being the general handyman that he is.. he's my favorite human ever :o) Well, now tied with our baby bird of course.

- Me in all my prego glory.. being a badass with the paint roller..

- E-L being an even more intimidating badass with her paint roller..

- Ok so the final product... BUT I'm not gonna lie this is WAY more purple than we expected. We actually bought what we thought to be a light lavender. Of course, we realized before buying the paint that it would dry darker than it looked.. but uhhhhhh this is def not lavender. This is straight up purps. We're just gonna work with it though.

Other than that, yesterday consisted of these things:
-cinnamon rolls for breakfast
-baking brownies with walnuts
-making the BEST avocado/bacon sandwiches for dinner. seriously the best evahhhhhhh
-eating more brownies but this time with ice cream
- night swimming in the heated pool after hours of painting

Safe to say it was a deliciously wonderful day/night.
Oh and don't worry.. I ate other more healthy things throughout the day too.. haha.

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