June 22, 2010

Ok Universe, You Can Stop Now

oh just napping in the grass with baby bird..
taken by Bonnie

So I've got a beef with the Universe. What is it about finally picking out the official name of your baby (ok, so that was months ago but still) and then all of the sudden, you're seeing that name everywhere?? And for every kid??? I loved this name from before I was even pregnant but we hadn't made it official until we learned she was a girl. Before then, I never really saw it, heard it and most definitely did not know of any other kids by the name. Even through all of the baby blogs that I was reading, 
no one named _______.

Then, of course within the last two months I've seen it on 2 blogs, in a semi-recently released book and on one of the baby announcements at my doctors office. Ugh.
It was the same scenario for our boy name too. We were 100% certain of his name before even being pregnant, told people because we were so sure(and stupid) and all of the sudden it was all up in our face. It was more common so we of course, had seen/read/heard it but once it was the name we were using.... EVERYWHERE. 

Obviously, unless you make up some crazy ass name/word, someone else will have it. We definitely didn't invent it, and it's cute with a dash of cool so of course it can't ever be completely original. But, why the hell does it have to... almost seem to rise in popularity at the same time we're using it?? By the time our kid gets to kindergarten there will be 10 others sitting in the class with her, just like every other Jennifer, Erica, Sarah and Nicole...

Did anyone else experience this while they were deciding names? I have a feeling this happens a lot. The universe thinks it's sooo funny...

I hate you Universe. 


  1. I felt this same way! I started hearing Henry in a bunch of songs I liked too though and then that helped a little. Now I reallly want to know what name you've picked!!

  2. YES! i used to play with my barbie dolls and name them all chloe and always wanted that as my baby's name when i was a grown up. then when we were ready to have babies, its on the TOP TEN baby names list!!! i should say, oh just use the name anyways if you love it. but really we changed baby names to something less popular. and it was the every kid in her class will have the same name thought that made us switch!
    im excited to know the name when your little one finally does come! whatever name you choose! :)

  3. I thought so! It just seems like that's the way it goes ya know? We are DEFINITELY using the name regardless because we love it... but it's just frustrating. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that's bothered by it! Her middle name will definitely be a popular name but we love that one too and the first is "different" enough to let the middle be super common. At least I HOPE IT STILL IS. haha

  4. Almost five years ago my godson was born, his name is Kayden. In the last few years I have met about 10 boys and 1 girl with the same name spelled a thousand different ways. I do think that is strange.

  5. Well I guess not so much for us. I really don't think that our kids names are to common. But I'd like to blame Nate for that though. Of course we got the books and stuff. But really I looked for more of a meaning in the name. Well you also got to consider a middle name. I like that you already have a nick name for your tweety, sweety. AKA Baby Bird. That should always be. But the names I had for my kids kinda went out the door once I held them in my arms. At that moment you will know if that would truly be the name for your baby...By the way Paisley's name would have been Mazie Star, see all Nate, but I was like no way. Some kinda punk bands name. Here's a tip, don't feel pressured to name your baby while your in the hospital, if that's where your gonna deliver. All of our kids for the first week or so was known as Baby Boy Tanaka or Baby Girl Tanaka. Even though we had more than enough time. We gave them all first names, a Hawaiian middle name, also a Japanese middle name. Of course it took a while. I remember we were thinking of Ringo as a first name for Keli. What a trip.

  6. Awww thanks for the advice Ash! I love your kid's names! I think my fav is still Velzy. ;o) That's really funny how in to the naming Nate was... but also really sweet. Hope you all are doing well! xoxo

  7. what a lovely outfit! good luck finding the perfect name :)

  8. Thanks Mariel! Oh and we are still using the name... we LOVE it! I just wish everyone else would stop using it haha

  9. like ashlee, we didnt name our baby till we were home from the hospital, i think she was 4 or 5 days old. even then nothing really seemed to fit her, but at that point i figured she needed a name so i just kinda...chose. lol. she has a first name, english middle and a hawaiian middle name. and ashley, is keli a boy? thats my boyfriends name, never met another keli spelled that way :]

  10. Thanks! You should see the heels I was wearing!! BUMMER they weren't in these shots... strappy black with silver studs all over them.... SWOON