June 30, 2010

So Long June

I can't believe it's the last day of June already! I was thinking about it yesterday and realized this summer is the very last season it will be just us. Come Fall... baby makes 3! WAH WAH WEE WAH!

Yesterday, D and I did some more baby shopping. We bought:

-The Graco SnugRider. It's awesome, light-weight, and we're already getting a big chunky stroller w/carseat for free from some friends so we figured we'd get this small, easy to handle one that also only happened to be 70 bucks! We also scored a free Graco pack-n-play from the same friends. I was against getting one of these big ugly things but I know it will be convenient to have, especially when we're at other people's houses.. and geez ok I know not everything has to be cute and aesthetically pleasing! Here's D setting it up and being silly. I took these pics with my iPhone and it was dark so of course, they suck. I lightened the 2nd one as much as I could but it looks weird. Love his pose though haha.

- Weil Baby pacifiers. We already bought Weil bottles and really like the reviews and mom-references about the Weil products. 

-A changing pad

-A changing pad cover

-An infant double headrest to put in the carseat to hold her head up.

-These adorable houndstooth leggings and this jumper/onesie! SWOON! I know we don't really need to buy any more clothes for her.. especially in sizes under 12 months... but I just can't help myself!

 Also, our pom poms came in the mail!!! They're everything I wanted and more! So we sat around forever "fluffing" them but haven't hung them yet because we're still not sure of the furniture placement in the nursery. It's a tricky room, that rectangle! We bought 7 of them but in only three colors: white, light gray & plum.

After shopping this mama bird was starving! So we went to Big City Diner. Don't worry, it's not a beer it's a cream soda.


ALSO: Jess was tagged to share the contents of her purse and asked that her readers do the same. Of course, I must oblige. 

The bag I'm currently using. I searched all over/inside this thing for a tag or label but there's nothing so I can't tell you who it's made by. All I can tell you is that I bought it on sale recently at a store in Pearlridge Mall called Papaya. I love it. Anything with studs gets me almost every time.

What's inside:

- My Flip video camera
-The rose/chains wallet I bought forever and a day ago.
-My iPizzle
-Sunglasses. Duh.
-Eclipse Breeze gum. Delish
-GermX hand sanitizer. I am obsessed with carrying it with me at all times now. Maybe it's a pregnant thing but I figure a good addiction.
-Black eyeliner. I think this one is Revlon but I always try out different brands and the words have scratched off so I'm not sure.
-Sephora lipgloss in "rosy glow." Love this stuff! It has a perfect hint of color to spice things up a little bit when you don't want full-on lipstick. 
-Rosebud moisturizing lip balm
-My keys/keychains. I bought the "D" and "J" over a year ago(have I mentioned I'm completely obsessed with anything initialed/monogrammed??) There's also my little anchor heart keychain. I had to blur out the other keychain because it's baby bird's initial! Sorry, for my eyes only! (go ahead and just try to enhance the photo and figure it out... you won't!!) And yes, I already bought it months ago.. I told you we were 100% certain about the name! Just wish other people would stop using it haha. 

So there ya have it folks! Hope you have a great Wednesday! 
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  1. look, i need you to tell me the name already. if it makes you feel better, i'm pretty sure wyatt is going to be a popular name soon. i've heard of three different wyatt's and i know a girl who named her dog wyatt. so yeah, it sucks.

  2. haha no can do! me and D made a pact... NOT TELLING! buuuuuuuut... i will say that we do have ONE circumstance under which we may end up telling before she is born.. but it's probably not gonna happen so don't get your hopes up!

  3. The whole name thing is driving me nuts too Jessica!!! Especially since we had that whole two hour long baby name conversation at my place! I have a gut feeling it was one of those we talked about :) Oh hey where did you guys get those pom's?! They are so super cute! I love your guys' new place and the nursery. Looks like your having a blast being pregnant and I miss you guys :)

    Much love,

  4. i'm going to start accessory stalking you now apparently. i totally dig that purse. i've stopped carrying one since the babe got here, maybe it's time for me to get re-bagged...

  5. haha thanks! yea it's always nice to have a new excuse to buy a new bag!

  6. Definately going with Weil baby stuff too. I'm surprised more people aren't. I hardly ever hear anyone mention them. Love the pom poms too! Found them on Etsy awhile back. I've never seen a mobile I've liked so I'll be using those instead