June 18, 2010

What She Said & Baby's Bed

My reading went really well yesterday. I walked out feeling refreshed and even more sure of the choices I've made and things I've planned on.
We talked about a lot of things. But, this is first and foremost a baby blog and I don't exactly need/want to share every detail of my reading so I'll just share the stuff about our baby bird and assure you that everything else was fabulous and helpful news. 

As for the baby, she knew:
-I was almost 6 months along 
-How horrible my morning(more like all day) sickness was
-The name we have picked out for her!
-That she's due in Oct.. though she didn't say if she'd be late, early, or right on time.

She informed me that:
-She would be beautiful and into the arts like her parents.
-Would be born in the morning, and most likely by c-section (sadface) because her umbilical cord would be wrapped around her neck (sadface). Everything would be fine, both me and baby safe, but she might have a bit of jaundice.
-She would be about 7lbs and 21 inches long(my mom later told me that I was also 21 inches)
-She would have my eyes and face shape but D's hair (red!!! she said lighter red like strawberry blonde), her hair will also be curly(mine is straight and flat but D's gets super wavy when it grows out) and she'll also have one dimple on her cheek just like her daddy.
-She will be tall and most likely be an actress.
-She's an old soul and seems to know about everything from a young age..."beyond her years"
-May have a birth mark on the back of her neck or on her left arm. (I later discovered that D, his mom and his sister all have birth marks on the back of their necks. No, I'm not a horrible wife for not already knowing this.. it's a slightly more red patch of skin that is considered a birthmark but hardly even noticeable.)

She also knew how much we wanted/love her, and how I in particular will be obsessed with her and miss her terribly even when she's just napping. She said that I'll want to stare at her all the time and I'll need to learn how to be separated from her. Even for short periods of time. D and I laughed about this later because, even though it seems obvious that most parents/moms might feel this way, we've already talked about how I'll be particularly bad about it. She hit the nail on the head with this one..

Otherwise she said I would have 3 kids total(she told me that the first time I went to her as well) and that the next will be a boy and the third will be another girl.

It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out... and to see just how accurate she can be.

In other exciting news:
Yesterday I discovered a huge box on our porch that contained

Our crib! I love it so much! We wanted something modern and without a drop-side. I love how straight and clean the lines are and we're actually going to paint the bottom wood piece white. Don't worry we're using baby safe paint and it's not like she's really gonna get to it anyway. We still need to get a mattress and bedding. We found a crib similar to this one online and had to have it but didn't exactly want my mom paying the price for it. With some serious searching, she found this one at WAL-MART(online, they didn't have it in store here)! Umm hell yes! Such a score and it seriously looks exactly the same as the other one. The only difference being that the legs are round and the other more expensive crib's legs were square.
Also, the lilac Bumbo Seat we bought is in the bottom picture and you can see that the walls are practically the same color. So weird. 

So there ya have it folks. Another fun baby crazy day. Can't wait to meet our little girl and see those baby blues and curly red locks..

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  1. let me just tell you that the bumbo seat was the best thing i had ever gotten for wyatt. i would use it to feed him in it. i even took it to restaurants with me so he could sit more comfortably and be cleaner. i'm sure you know this, but you can buy little trays to attach to it.