July 31, 2010


On our way to the baby shower!
Handsome devil.
From the balcony of the cabin by the sea.
Frog themed baby boy shower.
Frogs and food.
The men at the grill.
Opening her presents.
D enjoying the feast/a beer.
I love cookies.
Me and my fellow prego, propping our swelling feet up.
My man.
Baby bellies!
Love this.
Our little family of three.

Fun Fun Fun

4 Days Of Mischief

Ok, who am I kidding? We're either lying around, buying stuff or tending to the house chores/decor process. Wooooooah bad ass..
Did I mention D has a four day weekend? That's why he was home yesterday. That's also why I'm a very happy gal.

This is how my morning felt: did not want to come out from under these covers.
This is how my morning looked: mama and baby bird in our robe.
This is how my morning tasted: frosted love notes on a strudel.
This is how my morning shined: painted my nails a glittery copper!

Today, we're starting the headboard. I won't say we'll finish it because who knows..
This afternoon we have a friend's baby shower to attend! She's having a little boy named Ethan and she's only two and a half weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy! We've decided to arrange a marriage. 

Hope you all are having the best weekend ever!

July 30, 2010


Ok today has been so long so we didn't even get started on the headboard, but we did:

-Painting our entire bedroom
-Hang some curtain rods (waiting for the curtains to come in the mail)
- Sand and paint our dresser
-Paint some old light fixtures
-Touch up the nursery 
-Hang the frames for the picture wall
-Sort through and organize things


Me and the bird, about to paint the shit out of some walls. Our room was like a pistachio green. Now it's gray!
Our dresser before.
Our dresser after! That's right. It's hot pink! D loves me...
The picture wall. Obviously we need pictures but we're still trying to pick them all out so that we can order the prints. We're also going to add a few more frames because it looks incomplete. 

Now I seriously need a shower, bed, foot rub and a little Instant Netflix on our Wii before ZZZzzzzzz...

I Heart Weekends

Don't ya just love blurry photos?
At lunch yesterday, before seeing Eclipse
Megatron and her beer. I'm jelly!
Count 'em. Yea, that's 3 plates in front of me.
Came home after the movie to find BABY BIRD EGGS on my balcony!!! S is for serendipitous.
They were blue!

So my review of Eclipse is short and sweet. I really liked it. I'm not a "TwiHard" but I am a fan. The mushy parts kind of brought back memories of my "all day/morning sickness" but I let it slide and thought Kristen Stewart's acting was much better this go-around. 

I'm still "Team Derek." 

Yesterday was pretty much a blasty blast. Lunch, movie, finding baby bird eggs, girl talk all afternoon followed by D coming home, ordering pizza and wings and watching 500 Days of Summer. 

Today, if my poor busts-his-ass-at-work-for-us-loving-responsible-deserves-five-beers-and-a-massage-tonight husband ever wakes up we are painting our bedroom. The last of the rooms to paint, SIGH. We're also painting our dresser, hanging the frames for the picture wall, and hopefully getting our make-shift couch-turned-headboard done. This is why I heart weekends. Productivity people! It's good for your soul.

Yes, I'll post pictures of our progress.
No, I'm still neither Team Jacob nor Team Edward.
Fine, if I had to choose... Edward.

Pics up soon. 

July 29, 2010

Papa Bird Quote

"I don't like that song Rock-A-Bye Baby.. I mean.. "when the bough breaks the cradle will fall?"
 UMMMMMMM you just killed a baby."
-Papa Bird D

Hahaha you should have actually heard  him say it.. the tone in his voice! I laughed for a good 10 minutes straight. The things that man says sometimes... 
I think "Papa Bird Quote" will soon become one of my new regular posts. 

Last night my friend Hannah brought over the finished baby shower invites that she designed and I'm IN LOVE! Talent oozes out of her and she pulled what I wanted right out of my head and put it on computer, then paper and then into my hands and I can't wait to send them out! We wanted something that didn't actually look like a baby shower invite because, well, that just ain't our style yo. I'll definitely be posting pictures of them for you guys after I've sent it out and all the invitees have seen them.
Oh and seriously check out her work people!  She can do custom whatever.. invites, announcements, flyers, logos... you name it she can probably bust something awesome out. ;o)

Today, I think I'm finally going to see Eclipse. HA HA HA you say? Yea, well I don't blame you, but that's what I'm doing and I'll probably thoroughly enjoy it. Especially the part where I eat my weight in buttery theater popcorn.
28 weeks, 4 days

July 28, 2010

Looky What I Got

Look what came in the mail this morning! Today might be filled with me *updating* this post as I'm expecting multiple things to arrive in the mail.  I swear more boxes rotate in and out of this house than any other. We save a lot of them so that we can build a bad ass box fort for baby bird when she's old enough!

I effing love you, chair. 
E.F.F.I.N.G. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.

Just Us Gals

28 weeks, 3 days

July 27, 2010

Picture Wall

All of the frames for our picture wall (going up the staircase) came in the mail so we started to lay them all out the way we think best. I can't wait to see how it looks once we hang everything. I have to start figuring out which pictures to buy prints of. I have so many pictures to go through, that shit will probably be an all day task.

Today was filled with domestic type things like grocery shopping, laundry and some light cleaning. Not very interesting. For the most part I was exhausted and spent the rest of my time in bed with baby bird and my feet propped up.
 I think a lot more of that is in my near future...

Goodnight darlings.

July 25, 2010

28 Weeks

Ahhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit! Hello, 7 months!
This week baby is almost 17 inches tall and close to 3 lbs! Her wrinkled skin is smoothing out as more fat is deposited under the skin surface. Her kicks are more vigorous than ever before because she's so much stronger and excitedly responds to all sorts of stimuli- movement, sounds, light, and all that candy I ate half an hour ago...

We've been in super baby/nesting mode. Aren't we always? you ask? Well, YEA but even more so because just being able to say "I'm seven months pregnant" out loud is enough to kick us into high gear! Ok, an even higher gear. 
I realize that these weekly updates may be a little redundant. "I can't believe I'm _ _ weeks!" "Time is frickin' flying by!" "She's kicking and rolling more than ever!"
But the truth is, those are my truths. When I say she's kicking more than ever, she really is, compared to last week.. etc. Plus, these are weekly updates for cryin' out loud. More of a gradual than dramatic change from week to week.
One thing that is noticeably different though are the pains I've been having. My back is always killing me at some point during the day and my feet are taking a beating. Here's hoping I don't get my swell on any time soon. Or any time at all. D's been a great help with massages and catering to my every pregnancy whim, but in the end, this pain can suck it! I hate you pain.

Cutie Baby Birdie, 
Today you kicked me all crazy like. I don't know if it was excitement or anger or frustration with your ever-shrinking space, but I do know that I love you so much I just thought it was adorable and wished I had an x-ray video camera to capture the cuteness of your karate chops! My favorite moments with you are still in the morning, right after we wake up and you kick me a "hello Mama Bird!" and I smile at you through my tightly stretched skin and protruding belly button and throw a soft "good morning Baby Bird" back at ya. Your pop's been feeling you move more and more and the best part is... you kicked his ass. I'd say "butt" since you're a baby and all, but that's just not gonna work for me. I was hugging him from behind and all the sudden WHAM! You literally kicked his ass.. and that's too funny for me not to swear. I hope you're practicing all your little skills you've been learning in there because there's a very big world waiting to get it's hands on you and see what all you can do. 
Your Love Victims, 
Ma & Pop

Today we started off super fast paced.. tackling and completing the various tasks I posted about earlier today. It only continued, and we ended up at Target and Home Depot. We mostly bought little odds and ends and things we require to finish our never ending DIY house projects. But I did manage to slip into a baby aisle or two when D wasn't looking and throw these bad boys into our cart!
Scored these oh so perfect Dwell Studio bibs for the bird at Target.

Stopped on our way home to get take out from our fav Mexican restaurant, El Mariachi.

Enjoyed the feast.

Now I'm off for a much needed shower and some foot rubbies.

Goodnight friends ❤ 

Busy Morning

First I took this: pic of the bird
Then we put up this: nursery curtain pull-backs
Then we ate this: I was craving a sausage biscuit since yesterday and decided to give in. Go right ahead and judge me. Judgey Wudgey was a bear..
Then we put on this: Get yo paint on music..
Then we tackled this: painted the guest room an off-white.. it was yellow. We have a lot of yellow in our lives right now..

Now we've started this: We scored this couch off of craigslist (no it's not the one I just scored from salv army.. this is another one we bought months ago) for cheap and it had a lot of damage so instead of giving it away, we decided the back would make the perfect headboard for our bed! We were planning on making our own anyway but now we don't need wood/a frame! We're reupholstering it with the fabric we bought to use on the whole couch... Shwing! So excited about this one..

*Added* Just finished this: The before and after of some of the chairs I got at salv army. The "after" being the gray of course! We'll be painting the wood too but not sure what color yet. Swoon.

It's been a busy morning and it's only 11:15... we're on a rock 'n' roll!

Be back later for the 28 week update loversss!

July 24, 2010

Love Birds

That'd be us

Yesterday was one of those days where baby bird made me so extremely tired I could barely peel myself out of bed. I actually only managed to get out of bed for about two hours, when I went to lunch with Dez to talk about baby shower stuff. I came right back home, peeled away all the restricting layers that are now my clothing and enjoyed freshly washed sheets and instant Netflix shows on my Wii. Just me and the bird. By the time Papa Bird got home he felt the same way so we snuggled, talked about a lot of baby/pregnancy stuff and spent our Friday night in as a family. Can't really get better than that.
We always talk about how we're going to maintain the "us" factor after baby girl arrives. I realize that we won't really know how to handle it until we're there, in the thick of it.. but it's nice to touch base with each other and go in to it with some sort of a plan. I know that the first few months will be nothing but baby baby baby.. but I want to make sure that we don't forget about us. Luckily my mom will be here for about 3 months, so we'll have a trustworthy sitter and be able to go out and have a date night here and there after some time has passed. That is if I can even peel myself away from the bird for even a couple of hours

A lot of change is happening.
A lot of change is coming.
But a lot of love is present, and I think we'll do just fine.

July 22, 2010

Sweet Relief

This morning I woke up and instantly had a funny little thought/feeling that "I gotta hit up salv army today... I just know they'll have something.." and I'm super stoked and relieved to be able to report that I was right! Funny how you get a gut feeling about the weirdest things sometimes.

I came home owning a two piece couch, 3 matching chairs, another pair of matching chairs and a dresser! And all for $270! All mid-century mod like I've wanted and this betch seriously couldn't be happier. I've been torturing myself over the house, trying to get it furnished, so that I can get it decorated, so that I can have the 2nd baby shower here like we wanted... in a little over a month! This is giant leap forward in this process considering our lack of important pieces of furniture(like the entire living room). They're holding everything for me so I can go back with D and both our cars this evening to pick them up.

Now I'm just enjoying some lunch and the sun on our balcony with baby bird, marinating in our victory and dreaming of nik naks and accent pieces for downstairs.





July 21, 2010

86 Days

our chalkboard wall decal/baby countdown

86 is a number near and dear to me and D. Our home phone number when I was younger was always _ _ _ - 86_ _ and my cell phone number since day one of getting a cell.. oh I'd saaaaay eleven years ago.. has always been _ _ _ - 86_ _. This also happens to be the number in D's band name, The 86 List. He and the boys always talk about how they see that number everywhere. Well that number has quickly become a recurring presence in my life as well and today, I just can't help but notice that our little baby "Doll 86" aka baby bird is due in EIGHTY SIX DAYS. My oh my how time flies. I'm sure 86 will be her favorite number. ;o)

In honor of her papa bird 86 and all his cuteness I wanted to share with you guys a picture of him with my second cousin.. helping her cut cookies last Christmas. I can't wait to watch him helping our little girl in the years to come.