July 11, 2010

26 Weeks

Boy oh boy, (or should I say girl oh girl?) today we've made it to the 26th week. From now on baby bird is measured from head to toe (instead of head to rump) which makes her nearly a full 15 inches long and just over 2 lbs. Her hearing is still progressing and she should now be able to recognize her mama & papa birds voices! Great time for me to really start singing! As if she hasn't heard enough of that shiz..

Last night I had a terrible nightmare that I went to the doctor and he told me that my baby wasn't there! I was like "what do you mean she's not there??!!!?" and he just replies "I dunno, she's just gone." Then I cried and cried and cried and when I woke up I actually was crying. I laid there waiting for her to move or roll or kick but even after a good 10 minutes(she usually kicks within 10 seconds of me waking up!)... still nothing! I was officially freaking out.. saying to D "THIS IS NOT NORMAL! WHAT'S WRONG WITH BABY BIRD?! BUT THAT NIGHTMARE!..."
Finally he got out of bed, got our home fetal doppler from the nursery, and seriously I couldn't get that gel out of that tube fast enough. Right away, there she was. Her little flittering heartbeat. Perfectly normal. Perfectly THERE. 
Of course about 10 seconds after hearing a normal heartbeat she starts to kick me. Damn you irony. 
I'm officially at the stage now where I'm worrying about the labor/birth/recovery portion of this adventure. I've obviously thought about it a lot before, but now I'm just straight up worried and I think that's why I had that nightmare. Totally neurotic. So it goes..

Baby Girl, 
Please please pretty extra sugary please don't pull some kind of Houdini shit on me and disappear! I'm sorry mama has to use a bad swear word in this little note but seriously, I find it to be necessary. I love you and all I want is you and your dad, here, all the time. FOR-EV-ER. We'll get you all caught up on The Sandlot once you're outta that cozy womb. I hope forever's cool with you? Trust me, time goes by faster than you think. 
Sending extra love into the womb 24/7, 
Ma & Pop

Today consisted of this: food & LOTS of house related things. My feet hurt.
Home made Italian Sodas.

The mini-est mini chicken burgers you've ever seen. Seriously those chips were small so just imagine. So cute I almost..almost... didn't want to eat them.

Couldn't decide. Chocolate or fruity? Chose both.

D is the coolness with the quickness and already cut the changing table down to straight lines instead of that sleigh looking crap we had before. He also painted the exposed edges so that shit be done! Love him!

Bought some organizational stuff for our craft/office corner desk area.

Bought pin boards for the craft/office corner desk area.

Bought a curtain rod for the nursery finally. Love the glass ends. 

Put up the nursery ruffle curtains! Sorry it's so dark. I had the light on but the picture effect made it super dark and well.. you get the point. 

Up-close of curtain. So light and airy. The room really does look like it's coming along now. I'll have to do the "Nursery: Stage 2" post soon for you guys.

Hope everyone had a FUNtastic weekend!


  1. i love those curtains!

    so, what kind of birth plan are you thinking about? just curious.

  2. Jess: Our birth plan is: Start laboring, go to hospital, super quickly dilate but but too quick to get the epidural, push baby girl out with the quickness. bing bang boom! I'm thinking positive and willing this all to happen. No, I'm not doing a home/water/doula/drugless/natural/hypno/anything of that sort kinda birth. Yes, I've considered all of my options and have read up extensively on them. This is who I am. Ugly cold hospital with drugs and rushing doctors and every medical machine around in case something goes wrong or I have to have a c-section? YES PLEASE.

    Lara: Thanks love!

  3. LOVE those curtains...and italian sodas!

  4. love your blog! and those curtains!!! can you share where you got them?