July 18, 2010

27 Weeks

Prepare for BARE BELLY OVERLOAD! Eeps!! Please be kind...

Today marks my 27th week of pregnancy so we took the bird out with us (and some of D's coworkers) to the sandbar. It was mostly overcast but there was at least one good hour of pure and glorious sunshine. We have proof... they're called sunburns! Totally worth it though.. swimming in the ocean was the best part of the weekend so far. This week baby girl is about 2 1/2 lbs and almost 16 inches long. Brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus this week shows different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase. You know what that means? Baby bird is having little baby dreams! So cute.. I hope she's dreaming of Ma and Pop. I've read that some people don't consider the 3rd trimester to start until week 28th but others consider it to start at week 26... and.. and.. and.. well let's just go ahead and say:

Here are some pictures from today and seriously, is my belly button really going to stick out MORE than it is now?? Sheesh!

At the harbor, hoping for the clouds to go away!

Ok my plan was to be holding D's beer in this picture and freak you all out but I covered it with my hands so, so much for that shiz! Anyway, seriously I DID NOT DRINK IT, OK? It's a joke.

When the sun was out.

When the clouds came back.

You know, just being extremely pregnant, no big deal..

Ok so we had the craziest set-up ever. Chairs in the water, music, tents, tables, coolers, bbqs.. and the best food everrr. A pregnant gals dream.

Like our fourth plate.

D gettin' his drink on. Lucky.

The tastiest watermelon of all time..





  1. your belly is adorable... you'll be in shock how much faster and larger it will grow from 8 months on.

    You have such a cute blog.

  2. Love the photos. Miss the sandbar:(

  3. dude, you don't even know the meaning of huge yet. heh heh... you'll see.

    and that water is so beautiful and blue. what the hell.

  4. The Hunt Family: thanku! I'm sure it will be insanely huge considering I already feel like it is...

    Jess: I know! But I still feel like I'm huge now... it will only get crazier..
    The water was really pretty considering it was overcast most of the day. I can't wait to go back out when it's nice... just wait until you see Hawaii in those pictures..