July 25, 2010

28 Weeks

Ahhhhhh shiiiiiiiiit! Hello, 7 months!
This week baby is almost 17 inches tall and close to 3 lbs! Her wrinkled skin is smoothing out as more fat is deposited under the skin surface. Her kicks are more vigorous than ever before because she's so much stronger and excitedly responds to all sorts of stimuli- movement, sounds, light, and all that candy I ate half an hour ago...

We've been in super baby/nesting mode. Aren't we always? you ask? Well, YEA but even more so because just being able to say "I'm seven months pregnant" out loud is enough to kick us into high gear! Ok, an even higher gear. 
I realize that these weekly updates may be a little redundant. "I can't believe I'm _ _ weeks!" "Time is frickin' flying by!" "She's kicking and rolling more than ever!"
But the truth is, those are my truths. When I say she's kicking more than ever, she really is, compared to last week.. etc. Plus, these are weekly updates for cryin' out loud. More of a gradual than dramatic change from week to week.
One thing that is noticeably different though are the pains I've been having. My back is always killing me at some point during the day and my feet are taking a beating. Here's hoping I don't get my swell on any time soon. Or any time at all. D's been a great help with massages and catering to my every pregnancy whim, but in the end, this pain can suck it! I hate you pain.

Cutie Baby Birdie, 
Today you kicked me all crazy like. I don't know if it was excitement or anger or frustration with your ever-shrinking space, but I do know that I love you so much I just thought it was adorable and wished I had an x-ray video camera to capture the cuteness of your karate chops! My favorite moments with you are still in the morning, right after we wake up and you kick me a "hello Mama Bird!" and I smile at you through my tightly stretched skin and protruding belly button and throw a soft "good morning Baby Bird" back at ya. Your pop's been feeling you move more and more and the best part is... you kicked his ass. I'd say "butt" since you're a baby and all, but that's just not gonna work for me. I was hugging him from behind and all the sudden WHAM! You literally kicked his ass.. and that's too funny for me not to swear. I hope you're practicing all your little skills you've been learning in there because there's a very big world waiting to get it's hands on you and see what all you can do. 
Your Love Victims, 
Ma & Pop

Today we started off super fast paced.. tackling and completing the various tasks I posted about earlier today. It only continued, and we ended up at Target and Home Depot. We mostly bought little odds and ends and things we require to finish our never ending DIY house projects. But I did manage to slip into a baby aisle or two when D wasn't looking and throw these bad boys into our cart!
Scored these oh so perfect Dwell Studio bibs for the bird at Target.

Stopped on our way home to get take out from our fav Mexican restaurant, El Mariachi.

Enjoyed the feast.

Now I'm off for a much needed shower and some foot rubbies.

Goodnight friends ❤ 


  1. You are so lucky you can still fit into jeans! I wish I could. =/


  2. ♥ those bibs!! Sounds like a bust day full of nesting! My kind of day!

  3. Jazmyn: They're not jeans.. they're jeggings!! GO GET SOME ASAP! ;o)

    Mrs. Grant: aren't the bibs great? They were the last ones there.. score!

  4. You are such a cute pregnant mama!

    And the bibs are adorable :) Can't wait to see them on your baby bird!

  5. Thanks Lori! I can't wait to see them on her either..