July 31, 2010

4 Days Of Mischief

Ok, who am I kidding? We're either lying around, buying stuff or tending to the house chores/decor process. Wooooooah bad ass..
Did I mention D has a four day weekend? That's why he was home yesterday. That's also why I'm a very happy gal.

This is how my morning felt: did not want to come out from under these covers.
This is how my morning looked: mama and baby bird in our robe.
This is how my morning tasted: frosted love notes on a strudel.
This is how my morning shined: painted my nails a glittery copper!

Today, we're starting the headboard. I won't say we'll finish it because who knows..
This afternoon we have a friend's baby shower to attend! She's having a little boy named Ethan and she's only two and a half weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy! We've decided to arrange a marriage. 

Hope you all are having the best weekend ever!


  1. dude, your weekend/life is way more productive than mine.

  2. i try... otherwise i get stuck in these routine ruts and start feeling all negative. i'm telling you productivity and love... the keys to life.

  3. oh i can't wait until i'm out of the navy so i can paint my nails whatever color i want!! right now if i wanted to paint my nails i'd have to strip all the color off as soon as the morning came for work! :(

  4. Damn! Well maybe you could just do "weekend nails!" Do a different color each time and you'll get Fri night, all day Sat & Sun to enjoy them! ;o)

  5. I LOVE That polish! What brand/color is it?

  6. ;o) the polish is called "Paparazzi" and it's from ICING by Claire's.