July 21, 2010

86 Days

our chalkboard wall decal/baby countdown

86 is a number near and dear to me and D. Our home phone number when I was younger was always _ _ _ - 86_ _ and my cell phone number since day one of getting a cell.. oh I'd saaaaay eleven years ago.. has always been _ _ _ - 86_ _. This also happens to be the number in D's band name, The 86 List. He and the boys always talk about how they see that number everywhere. Well that number has quickly become a recurring presence in my life as well and today, I just can't help but notice that our little baby "Doll 86" aka baby bird is due in EIGHTY SIX DAYS. My oh my how time flies. I'm sure 86 will be her favorite number. ;o)

In honor of her papa bird 86 and all his cuteness I wanted to share with you guys a picture of him with my second cousin.. helping her cut cookies last Christmas. I can't wait to watch him helping our little girl in the years to come.


  1. so sweet!

    oh, and you were featured on top baby blogs today!

  2. oh really? i haven't checked that thing in forever. i'm kinda over it, but i just left the box up and if readers see it and wanna vote thats cool.