July 13, 2010

Baby Registry

We had a very traumatic morning that involved a white carpet, a chair and two black marks. Won't go into details but I will say that everything has since been rectified.

On a happier note, we've registered at Target, Babies "R" Us and Amazon (universal registry! weeee!) finally. It took longer than I expected but it was still fun searching through everything and imaginary buying it. Hardy har. We'll probably add some more to it over the coming weeks as they get new items in too. All of our registry info is linked from the self-explanatory box on the left.


  1. oh how exciting! We are Starting to register too, little things here and there. We are doing the universal registry on amazon.com. It allows you to add anything from ANY site! Including ETSY!

    P.S. you are so adorable with your cute preggo belly!

  2. Say whaaaaaaaa? That's awesome, I've never heard of that but I'm SO registering with them right now! Thanks for the tip doll!