July 25, 2010

Busy Morning

First I took this: pic of the bird
Then we put up this: nursery curtain pull-backs
Then we ate this: I was craving a sausage biscuit since yesterday and decided to give in. Go right ahead and judge me. Judgey Wudgey was a bear..
Then we put on this: Get yo paint on music..
Then we tackled this: painted the guest room an off-white.. it was yellow. We have a lot of yellow in our lives right now..

Now we've started this: We scored this couch off of craigslist (no it's not the one I just scored from salv army.. this is another one we bought months ago) for cheap and it had a lot of damage so instead of giving it away, we decided the back would make the perfect headboard for our bed! We were planning on making our own anyway but now we don't need wood/a frame! We're reupholstering it with the fabric we bought to use on the whole couch... Shwing! So excited about this one..

*Added* Just finished this: The before and after of some of the chairs I got at salv army. The "after" being the gray of course! We'll be painting the wood too but not sure what color yet. Swoon.

It's been a busy morning and it's only 11:15... we're on a rock 'n' roll!

Be back later for the 28 week update loversss!


  1. I can't wait to get our own place so I can start decorating like this.


  2. I know the feeling... we were so anxious to move in to this place. We were in a tiny 1 bedroom before with 2 tiny closets and didn't even have an outdoor space/balcony! We didn't want to waste a lot of money decorating because.. well obvious reasons.. but now it's so fun and we love all of our DIY projects!! Hope you get into a place soon! ;o)