July 05, 2010

Carl's Jr. & Betty

So there's this place... that I've never been to in my adolescent/adult life... called Carl's Jr.
Did you know that they make a guacamole bacon burger?!?! Be still my heart.

We bought a changing table for the nursery. It doesn't match the style we're going for so we're cutting all the "sleigh" looking sides down to straight lines. We found it cheap on craigslist and figured even with the extra work on it, it's still a heck of a lot cheaper. 

We also scored this too cool for school side table (Salvation Army what whaaaaaat!) to go next to the nursery chair (that is, if I ever find one I like!) and we're most likely painting it white. Duh. Though the wood matches the wood we still haven't painted on the bottom of the crib, so I'm toying with the idea of leaving them both as is. We'll see... 
This is my husband's new best friend Betty. She's actually my friend but he's stolen her from me. He also already knows everything about her and can apparently relate to her more because whenever they spend time together he ends up with tighter pants and shirts and all I've gotten outta her so far is a jacked up onesie and enough confusion to lead to some vertigo. She's a bit of a slore if ya ask me.

Betty's a sewing machine in case this one was lost on ya.. I know it's not the best picture of her but she's already taken my husband, do I really have to give her all the spotlight on my blog??


  1. Never been to Carl's Jr.?

    The side table is awesome!

  2. Nope! Never been for as long as I can remember... unless my parents took me when I was younger but I don't remember so it doesn't count!

    I LOVE the table too! ;o)