July 20, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Future?

My sister-in-law is on the mainland, so I'm watching my niece & nephews all day while the boys are at work. So far they've eaten breakfast, gotten ahold of photobooth on my computer, watched a little tv, played Rock Band, told me all about their summer so far... in thorough detail, showed me things they've bought/made for their baby bird cousin on the way, wrestled on my bed, wrestled in the living room, emptied the dishwasher(I had to make them do something before the boys started fighting), gone through my purse asking "what's this, what's that?" about everything including my phone..."ummm... that's for making phone calls..", told me how they each think baby bird will look, felt my belly anticipating her kicks, suggested about five million things for us to do today and ultimately decided they want to go see the movie Despicable Me.  

All by 9am.


1 comment:

  1. G.luck mama!!! oh & you gotta tell me how the movie is! :D