July 09, 2010

Here's What's Up

So the appt yesterday went really well. The glucose test was a piece of cake and the doctor was awesome (thank freakin' goodness) and she made me feel like we had been best friends for years.. which is exactly the type of thing I like in a person.. especially my baby doc. 

I wasn't going to have an ultrasound but I started talking about how I was a little anxious for the next one because it will be the first one since the baby gender finder outer appt... and what if.... gasp... "she" was really a "he?" 
We already bought so many girl things and I'm so excited about a girl and and and..

So she whipped out the ultrasound gel, I laid back and there SHE was.. our little baby GIRL. SO relieved about that! We didn't get any pictures this time, but it was so nice to see her again.

ALSO, I'm at the point now where I have to start going in for appointments every 2 weeks instead of once a month! I know I'm pretty far along now, but really?? Already?? I'm tellin' ya this is flying by. The next thing you know you'll be reading a post here, looking at pictures of my however month old and thinking "shit.. wasn't she just talking about her belly button starting to stick out?? And now I'm looking at her baby girl and know her name and see her face and WHERE HAS LIFE GONE?"

In other news: my newest anxiety? OUR HOME. We've already spent so much money on this place and it seriously looks as if we've done nothing to it! I know that I said we were gonna take our time with this house. I mean, we've only been here for about 6 weeks. The thing is, we're having two baby showers. One at a rented venue with one group of my girlfriends and the other here at the house with all the music scene friends, including the boys for D. 


Not so much that we need to have the house decorated to impress but just to effing entertain properly would be nice! We hardly have seating! We still haven't reupholstered our couch and we haven't had our love seat sent over from the mainland either. Plus, I am not one to handle clutter easily. Not to mention I'm in constant nesting mode.. wanting everything to be nice and neat for the baby that won't even be here for another 3 1/2 months. My aunt always says "a cluttered home is a cluttered mind" and I couldn't agree more. I feel all sorts of whacky and we're runnin' out of time. I hope to have the showers in late August/early September. IT'S JULY PEOPLE.

Sigh. With all that being said, today I'm hittin' up the thrift stores again with Suzy Q to try and hunt down more furniture. Wish me luck?
Oh baby bird... I never get sick of rubbing my tummy and feeling your every move...

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  1. Yay for a good doctor! That's great to have. I too had to double check to make sure we really had a girl in there... you start to wonder... Maybe they got it wrong? :)

    Cute photos. I hope you find some awesome goodies at the thrift shops!