July 15, 2010

House & Baby Things

Bought 4 of these cups from Good Will
Pitcher from Good Will
Painted this hanger that we had white to hang the aprons on in the kitchen. It was different shades of green/blue before.
Never really showed you a close-up of the kitchen curtains. From Urban Outties.
The changing pad came in the mail today! Love it.
Also got our Woombie in the mail. We bought the "summer" light weight one since it stays pretty warm here in Hawaii. Duh. I like it because, unlike a traditional swaddle, it gives a little more room for baby girl to move her hands either down at her side or up on her chest, and without actually being able to break out of the thing! We'll see how it works once we put it to use though...
Gifts from D's coworker
Bought this sailor dress for a quarter at a thrift store in KY before I was pregnant.
My mom sent me my old baby bathing suit! I can't wait to see it on my own baby bird! So much more special..
Cute baby sweater. It has sleeves but it's not very heavy, and I think she'll be able to wear it at night if we're out and about.

It's our weekend because D works four 10hr days a week now so he has tomorrow and Monday off! I'm thinking Target, dinner and a movie! GOTTA LOVE DATE NIGHTS!


  1. NEWEST follower. Found you through PAPER mama! :)

    Love your blog!!! Congrats on the pregnancy! I have a little boy, Tristan! :) He is 10 months!!!

  2. Yes! I LOVE everything here! I want the cups, the hooks, the swimsuit. Cute! The curtains are pretty awesome too.

  3. Thanks! I just found your Confessions of A New Mom blog... I'm following you as well! Tristan is adorbs!


  4. Why thank you darlin! (Chels)

  5. super COOL changing pad!!! i love seeing how your place is coming along :)