July 30, 2010

I Heart Weekends

Don't ya just love blurry photos?
At lunch yesterday, before seeing Eclipse
Megatron and her beer. I'm jelly!
Count 'em. Yea, that's 3 plates in front of me.
Came home after the movie to find BABY BIRD EGGS on my balcony!!! S is for serendipitous.
They were blue!

So my review of Eclipse is short and sweet. I really liked it. I'm not a "TwiHard" but I am a fan. The mushy parts kind of brought back memories of my "all day/morning sickness" but I let it slide and thought Kristen Stewart's acting was much better this go-around. 

I'm still "Team Derek." 

Yesterday was pretty much a blasty blast. Lunch, movie, finding baby bird eggs, girl talk all afternoon followed by D coming home, ordering pizza and wings and watching 500 Days of Summer. 

Today, if my poor busts-his-ass-at-work-for-us-loving-responsible-deserves-five-beers-and-a-massage-tonight husband ever wakes up we are painting our bedroom. The last of the rooms to paint, SIGH. We're also painting our dresser, hanging the frames for the picture wall, and hopefully getting our make-shift couch-turned-headboard done. This is why I heart weekends. Productivity people! It's good for your soul.

Yes, I'll post pictures of our progress.
No, I'm still neither Team Jacob nor Team Edward.
Fine, if I had to choose... Edward.

Pics up soon. 


  1. i just have to say that i'm jealous of the way you get to eat on a daily basis.

  2. haha don't be... it's not on a daily basis. but i do love me some unhealthy food! (i ate tons of salad/baby carrots/grapes and yogurt yesterday too..)

  3. i'm with jess! when i was pregnant with henry i'd eat so much crap and never gain a pound, i've been missing those days lately :)