July 06, 2010

Mellow Yellow

Today some packages came in the mail...

I got baby bird an "owl bank" instead of a piggy bank. 
From: Urban Outties

This will be my "diaper bag." I'm pretty much going to use all of my big bags but this one is bigger than it looks in the picture and also has an additional long arm strap. Plus, I think I wanted to buy a "designated" diaper bag just for fun! I am nesting and all! I told you I was a sucker for studs.
From: Ross

Here's an inside peek..

This is an owl plushie for baby girl. It came in a blind box and I kept my fingers crossed for the gray one but we got the orange. That's ok, his name is "Fatty" and I think that's swell.

From: Urban Outties

Here's the pillow for the nursery chair
From: Urban Outties

Nursery ruffle curtains!
From: Urban Outties

I've been wanting to buy ankle sandals for awhile now but the full coverage ankle part always looked too big for my ankles/feet so I settled for this strappy pair. I figure, if my ankles end up swelling, they might help to cover it up a little.
From: Ross

I forgot to show you guys these awesome chairs we scored from Salvation Army. Right now they're at the dining table but we plan on using them for seating in the living room! Sorry I didn't get the other one in the picture but it's exactly the same.

Lots of yellow.
Lots of happiness.

 Today I spent hours making the greatest baby name announcement video ever!!! I had the idea for a long time so I figured I'd just make it today since we're already decided on the name. Problem is.. I was just making it in advance to post for you guys after our baby bird is born.. but now I'm so tempted to tell you all early because I want to show you the video so bad!!!

Ohhh what to do, what to do??
I think I'll sleep on it.

Now we're headed out to dinner with some of my favorite gals! Hope you all have a great night!


  1. LOVE your diaper bag, it is toooo cute!!

    I'm your newest follower and I vote that you share the baby name! I love baby names! :)


  2. Don't do it. Hold out until "baby bird" gets here. There are those out there who are already copying your life.Let's not give them little birds name to.:)

  3. I love it all. Seriously. ALL of it.
    I'm probably going to have the same problem because we've already chosen both a girl and boy name... and we'll be finding out in about four weeks! Let's see how long I can hold out.

  4. Awww! CONGRATS on the baby!! Isn't it so exciting?? I almost died waiting to find out the gender of our little bird! Can't wait to hear what you're having ;o)