July 27, 2010

Picture Wall

All of the frames for our picture wall (going up the staircase) came in the mail so we started to lay them all out the way we think best. I can't wait to see how it looks once we hang everything. I have to start figuring out which pictures to buy prints of. I have so many pictures to go through, that shit will probably be an all day task.

Today was filled with domestic type things like grocery shopping, laundry and some light cleaning. Not very interesting. For the most part I was exhausted and spent the rest of my time in bed with baby bird and my feet propped up.
 I think a lot more of that is in my near future...

Goodnight darlings.


  1. omg haha I have frames that look exactly like that and I am as well trying to figure out which pictures to print out for our stair case! twins.

    <3 Amber Nielsen (facebook)

  2. nice! it's a daunting task but it'll be worth it when we have our final products! ;o)
    <3 <3 <3

  3. me either! haha i'll post pictures of course ;o)