July 30, 2010


Ok today has been so long so we didn't even get started on the headboard, but we did:

-Painting our entire bedroom
-Hang some curtain rods (waiting for the curtains to come in the mail)
- Sand and paint our dresser
-Paint some old light fixtures
-Touch up the nursery 
-Hang the frames for the picture wall
-Sort through and organize things


Me and the bird, about to paint the shit out of some walls. Our room was like a pistachio green. Now it's gray!
Our dresser before.
Our dresser after! That's right. It's hot pink! D loves me...
The picture wall. Obviously we need pictures but we're still trying to pick them all out so that we can order the prints. We're also going to add a few more frames because it looks incomplete. 

Now I seriously need a shower, bed, foot rub and a little Instant Netflix on our Wii before ZZZzzzzzz...


  1. You are so gorgeous! Love your progress (though I thought it meant progress in labor!)

    I left you an award on my blog:

  2. you made that dresser look awesome! love it:)

  3. Lori: Thanks! An award?? I'll check it out!

    Allie: Thanks love! We love it too. I'm just happy I married a man not afraid of pink! haha

    Jess: Ummmm I don't know if I agree but that's still one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. I LOVE LIV TYLER!