July 21, 2010

Random Happenings & Feelings

27 weeks, 3 days

*My doctor called yesterday to inform me that they found some anemia in my blood work. Frickin great! So I have an appt to talk about it today and then my regular appt tomorrow. What's up doc?

I want a tattoo so baaad. Ugh. Oh and I know where I wanna get my tattoo for baby bird after she is born but I'm still not exactly sure what I'm getting yet.

I'm still flirting with the idea of showing you guys the baby name announcement video... but I seriously think I'll regret it if I tell. I really don't wanna hear "Oh my friend just named her baby that" "I see that name everywhere now" " that's the name of that one celebrity's kid" " that reminds me of _____" " well IIIII always liked the names A, B &C" "that's pretty cute" "blah blah blah." Get my drift?

My linea nigra has started to show... it's very faint but it definitely be creepin'.

Apparently there was an earthquake here on Sunday, but I figured out that it happened at exactly the time we were on the boat, headed back to the harbor and bouncin' all over the waves, so that's why we didn't feel anything. 

We painted/hung the shelves for the nursery and our chalkboard wall decal came in the mail, so we put that up as well. 

My feet hurt.

We devoured a tiger brownie a la mode after lunch on Monday in under a minute. I'm serious.

I REALLY need to git muh hurrr diiid! I want to dye it so bad but I've been scared to while pregnant. Did any of you dye your hair when you were pregnant?? My doctor actually told me that I could at the salon (as opposed to my bathroom with the door closed and bad ventilation).. but I'm still scared. I most likely won't do it 'cause I'm too paranoid but I'm interested to know what you guys think.


  1. don't give in! keep her name a secret! i wish i would have both times. hell, i kinda wish we wouldnt have found out the sex both times too!

  2. i know i know, i won't end up telling... i'm just sharing the fact that i keep thinking about telling ever since i made the awesome video for it. but yes, my lips are sealed. ;o)

  3. I HAVE to dye my hair. I am naturally blond and dye it brown-black and there is no way I am going to let it grow back out. I have dyed my hair 3 times since being preggo. Both were in salons (Paul Mitchell school - wayyy cheaper. It is a better option then doing it at home because of the ventilation, you do not want to be taking in all those chemicals.
    I know a couple hair dressers who say it is fine to dye your hair, but because of all the hormones going on, you have to be careful of what colors you use. When I dyed my hair purple, it came out light pink due to the hormones. (Tried the same color on my friend and it came out purple). Make sure you go to someone who knows how to work with coloring for pregnant ladies.

    Also, think about the salon techs who are pregnant and WORK in that environment EVERYDAY and their babies come out fine.

    My opinion (although I am no DR) go for it - as long as you do it smartly.

  4. yeah those are good reasons for not wanting to share her name yet. but you'll probably hear all those things after shes born and you reveal the name anyway so just go with your gut :] i was anemic before and during my pregnancy and after i gave birth it got a little worse but i think now im pretty much back to normal. and i didnt even take those nasty iron pills! lol.

  5. SHARE IT. don't listen to the rest of them. or just share it with me... please?!

    anyway, go dye it. it's fine. the only thing doc's are worried about is ventilation. i didn't dye my hair because i just didn't feel like it (and i haven't done it since, it's kinda freeing just dealing with my God given color). but seriously, just go do it. it'll be great.

  6. Michelle: thanks for the input... i've heard this from other people too i just still don't know what i feel comfortable doing yet.. i might have to give in and do it soon though because this faded color really irks me. especially when i see all the lighter color show up in pictures!

    Alissa: i know you're right about having to hear all that crap from people either way.. doesn't really matter if it's after baby is born. i guess i'm just giving myself a little more time before i have to put up with it! oh and now i have another update to put up about the doctor's appt. turns out i'm not anemic, they were confused about my being pregnant.. long story i'll have to do a blog post about it. ;o)

  7. Jess: haha we'll see! at least now it's not a definite NO... but it is still most likely no..

    and as far as my hair.. i'm seriously considering making an appt right now..

  8. i was too chicken to ever dye my hair. even afterwards while i was breastfeeding. i dont think i ever did it until corbin was like four months old!
    and i hear ya on the baby name and all the things people have to say about it. i cant wait to know though! please post the video after she's hear so we can all see it anyways.

  9. Jill: Yes of course I'll post the video! That's what I made it for.. to announce the name once she's born.. I thought it'd be more fun than just typing Here's So & So Born on this day at this time and this weight etc.