July 22, 2010

Sweet Relief

This morning I woke up and instantly had a funny little thought/feeling that "I gotta hit up salv army today... I just know they'll have something.." and I'm super stoked and relieved to be able to report that I was right! Funny how you get a gut feeling about the weirdest things sometimes.

I came home owning a two piece couch, 3 matching chairs, another pair of matching chairs and a dresser! And all for $270! All mid-century mod like I've wanted and this betch seriously couldn't be happier. I've been torturing myself over the house, trying to get it furnished, so that I can get it decorated, so that I can have the 2nd baby shower here like we wanted... in a little over a month! This is giant leap forward in this process considering our lack of important pieces of furniture(like the entire living room). They're holding everything for me so I can go back with D and both our cars this evening to pick them up.

Now I'm just enjoying some lunch and the sun on our balcony with baby bird, marinating in our victory and dreaming of nik naks and accent pieces for downstairs.






  1. maybe.. i think i might want to paint/reupholster a thing or two. might wait until we have finishing touches and kind of arranged the living room to show pics but you know how i do! i always end up showing the little details throughout the process!

  2. You are such a stylish mama! Love it :) Are you guys in Hawaii too? (Was browsing through your posts and it looks like you were at Sandbar)

    Whereabout are you living? Or is that tmi for bloggers? (Sorry if it is)

    Does your baby bird have a name?

  3. Lori: Thanks! Yes we live in Hawaii... let's just say we're on the windward side ;o)

    As far as baby bird's name, we're keeping that to ourselves until she's born... reasons being in one of my latest posts "Random Happenings & Feelings." We'll see if I change my mind but I think we're better off holding out a bit longer.

  4. Oops... I need to be more careful about locations and whatnot on the internet.

    Can't wait to hear about your journey towards parenthood and of course, to hear the announcement of your little one's name! We waited to tell everyone about Brooke's name too ... but only because we didn't decide until a day or so after she was born. Anyway, I'm following you now!

  5. I wish I had a gut feeling like that. I woke up this morning and had the gut feeling it was going to be a long Friday. So far I'm right... lol!

  6. D.J.S: haha! hilarious... hope your day gets better!

  7. Awesome! Scoring mid-mod for a song is one of the best feelings ever. Well, at least in my world.

    First time for me to comment, so I guess I should have started by saying hello. You are one adorable nearly mama!

  8. Nicole: Hello! Yes, it's definitely a great feeling! ;o)