July 01, 2010

Why Hello July

Today I had a 3 hour lunch date with my friend Hannah! Lots of girl talk. Lots of fun! I'm sure the waiter hated us for lingering so long after finishing our meal. I failed you guys with my routine event picture taking though... I can't believe I blanked but I guess we were just too busy chatting away!

Here are some pics of baby bird to make up for it...

Fa la la!


  1. i agree with jess. you look so cute and comfy!

  2. haha jessica! its been so hot! how are you wearing all those layers? and boots!?

  3. yea well as far as the boots go.. they're really no different than wearing socks and shoes instead of just slippers. but i put this on in the morning when it was pouring out and then the sun came out, i took the pics.. and then took the blazer off before i went to lunch! haha it was actually really comfortable with no blazer

  4. girlllll I dont remember ever being able to wear jeans and a jacket when we lived in hawaii! you are totally looking cute. beautiful pregnant momma!