August 08, 2010

30 Weeks


This week baby bird is 18 inches long and more than 3lbs. She can now perceive information from all five senses.. although she obv can't smell anything right now seeing as she's still submerged in amniotic fluid and needs breathing air to get a whiff of anything. Her days are now filled with making faces, hiccuping, swallowing, breathing, pedaling with her little hands and feet along my uterine wall(oh yes.. lots of that going on let me tell ya), and maybe even sucking her thumb! 
As for Mama Bird, I'm still getting used to the heartburn, feet/back pains, and off and on sleep... but now I can add lightheadedness, finally having to wake up to pee all night, and RLS to that list. That last one is a real sucker! For the most part it's night time troubles though.. and even then I'm still managing to get enough sleep by the time I wake up so I really shouldn't complain. I'm really excited to be in "the thirties" now. Baby bird will be here so soon and I can't wait to meet her. Yes, my usual complaint that "I'm really going to miss being pregnant.. it's going by too fast" still slips outta my mouth with each passing week but the closer we get to meeting her the more I get used to the idea. 

Dear BB, 
You so fly. We already know it. I'd be jealous but since I'm your mama I couldn't be more proud. As for Papa Bird... well he's just trying to gear up for all those future boys a knockin' at our door. Just don't bring home anybody without a cool car and tattoos and we should approve haha. We kid, we kid.
Ma & Pop