August 16, 2010

31 Weeks

This post should've been up yesterday but D and I had a pretty busy weekend day with friends and I never got a chance to post it before passing out for the night. Our friends Cody and Ashleigh came over so that he could start painting baby bird's canvases and I'm so excited to see how they turn out! They already look awesome and he only finished the lettering..

This week baby bird weighs almost 4 lbs and is almost 19 inches long! Apparently now she's starting to rest up for the big B-DAY, with sleep cycles of 20 to 40 minutes long. It's kind of hard to believe she sleeps at all these days considering the amount of movement I feel constantly...

We talked so much yesterday about everything baby stuff with our friends and later in bed D was like "Man, all this talk about the baby and everything made me really think about how close we actually are to meeting her. She'll practically be here tomorrow!" So true. Time really is going by freakishly fast now. I always read blogs where the mom-to-be posts about "being SO ready to meet her little girl/boy" or "we're ready for you baby! come out already!" and I'm just not to that point yet. I almost wonder if I'll ever be. I mean, of course I want to meet the bird! And I'm excited about it! But it does still make me sad to think about not being pregnant anymore and I don't know that we're entirely prepared yet. Either way this baby is coming soon, so all we can do is try our best to be physically and mentally ready. I really think that our birth classes(which start this coming Sunday) will help ease those feelings though.

This week you made Mama Bird very tired and very dizzy. The weekdays weren't filled with much excitement until your dad came home because I was too scared to drive anywhere, but I will say I still enjoyed spending time with you, just the two of us. We watched lots of romantic comedies and ate lots of yummy food in bed. I can't wait to have more of those moments with you when you're outside the womb.. just make sure you don't come extra early because Mama really needs these next 2-ish months to have everything perfect and ready for you. I do however suggest that you join us 6 days earlier than your due date because that would make your birthday 10/10/10 and that's the coolest birthday ever! So here's to our time we still have together as one and all the times we'll have as three...
Ma & Pop


  1. Thanks for your response on my blog Jess. I always forget to come back and check people's blogs after I write questions, haha. :) Ahh, 31 weeks so awesome! Not much more to go! Hang in there!! :)

  2. i think once you get to about 2 weeks left you'll be really anxious to get her out. i know i was. i worked full time until about 36 weeks but after that i was so bored, i just wanted her out so i had something to do! i was living in a small studio so i wasnt able to build or decorate or do any of the fun things you and your husband get to do. oh and my baby was almost born on 09-09-09..but she wasnt quite ready. she came out on the 11th, which was still 2 days before her due date :]

  3. who takes your bird's eye view shots?

    also, BABY IS ALMOST HERE! can you tell me what her name is already?

  4. it wasn't until recently, within the last couple of weeks where I was like..."ok...I am ready for this baby to come out and am ready to meet him". I am 37 weeks....and I just started to get to the miserable part where it is hard to walk and just uncomfortable all the time. Plus where I is about 100-105 everyday and it is killing me :)

  5. Erin: No problem! I forget to go back a lot too! haha Blogger really needs to make a better "blogger to blogger" comment thingy so we all don't miss stuff.. ;o)

    Alissa: I'm sure I'll get to that point... I'm already starting to get more uncomfortable (can't breathe!) so I'm sure when I'm only a couple weeks from my due date I'll be like "GET THIS BABY OUTTA ME!!" haha.
    p.s. SO close to 9/9/9! gah that would've been cool.. that'll probably happen to us too.. just shy of 10/10/10..

    Adriana: Thanks dollface!

    Jess: D takes all of our "weekly update" bird's eye shots! ;o) and I think I'm still gonna hold out on the name for now.. sowwwwwy

    Dana: Exactly what I think will happen to me! I'll start getting too uncomfortable and then I'll change my mind about being pregnant! haha! But girl you're 37 weeks!! SO EXCITING!! He'll be here so soon.. can't wait to see pictures ;o)

  6. Fingers crossed for a B-Day like that!

  7. Thanks Iris! I REALLY hope it's her birthday too!