August 29, 2010

33 Weeks

This week baby bird could be as long as 20 inches and about 5lbs. Her main development is the growth of her nails, which now reach the end of her fingertips and may even curl over the tip. She's gotten a lot stronger in the last week or so and sometimes her movements and kicks are so uncomfortable they kind of hurt. Nothing I can't handle, but definitely a sign of how big she's getting. 
As for mama bird... same old same old. Heartburn every night, RLS, difficulty breathing and definitely emotional. The past couple of weeks have had highs and lows but unfortunately more lows than any other weeks of this pregnancy. Luckily I have D around for support, but I have to admit I've missed my family more than ever lately. I can't wait for my mom to fly out. Nothin' like having your mama around when you're about to become a mama yourself.

There have been a couple of times that I've cried so hard I could tell that you felt it. For this, I'm so sorry and can't even explain how guilty it's made me feel. It's the hormones! They make you dramatic! But the good news is, these were just a few minor speed bumps in the road to meeting you. I know that all of my intense feelings of joy and love have far outweighed any hint of negativity. We all have tough days, something you will learn for yourself soon enough, but no matter what we'll always have each other to lean on. Not to mention your pops really knows how to make a good bowl of ice cream and cuddle you to your heart's content. So, take as many moments to be a cry baby that you need because I'll remember some from this past week and well... I got yo back girl. Yo mama ain't raisin' no sissy! BUT sometimes a girl's got to cry it out.
Ma & Pop

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  1. Hey, Thanks for sharing this post. I really appreciate the honesty as i have also had some particularly difficult and emotional moments during this stage of pregnancy. I am loving pregnancy, but find people expect you to be happy absoloutely all the time and if you mention that you are feeling uncomfortable or whatever people are shocked that you have expressed a few of the negative bits!! That's what i have found anyway. Love the bump pics by the way!!